From A Spark To A Song – Old Noisy Friend

“I always believed that “Old Noisy Friend” was embodying that fragile state of vulnerability from which true compassion and love can turn a desperate confession into a redemptive rebirth… I knew by heart its faithless cry-out for an uplifting awakening and its deepest need for forgiveness and redemption, but it’s only after playing the song for the first time after so many years that I realized that many more colors had yet to be unfolded and much more light had yet to be revealed, thus turning a song about being a resigned despair and a faded whisper into being a living testimony of merciful absolution and contemplative avowal of forgiveness. That gave an unfiltered honesty to the words and a heartening perspective to what had been a profoundly dark and heavy song…” Read More »

Vague Souvenir – Old Noisy Friend

July 4th, 2012

Vague Souvenir, O.N.F

Today has been a crazy day for me… I needed to go out, and planned on coming back to the studio around 11pm, at best. Well, that is, until the guys told me that they would start the recording of the song O.N.F at 9pm. And somehow, I knew, I just knew, that I needed to be there. I wanted to be there…

This song has never appeared before on any of the albums from the band… They wanted to, but finally changed their minds. Not because it wasn’t good. To the contrary. There is something very special about this song, more than words can say… But the other songs won over it. I guess it’s because the song was so emotionally close to Alex, and especially, that they all lacked courage to face what it truly meant. Like an open wound that you do not wish to expose once more… At least, it is how I felt about this song… But getting back to it for the “Vague Souvenir” album was an incredibly daring move, yet so full of self-confidence. Just as if finally, the wound had been closed, healed, but left a scar… A scar that will always be there, as a reminder of what happened, of what they experienced, of who they were… But that does not define them anymore… Something that is part of them, without “being” them… Read More »