Vague Souvenir – À La Fenêtre 


À La Fenêtre 

I must say, this is a song that I hated at first… A text that I truly disliked. I thought it was too harsh. Too rude. Too intense. Too raw. Too real… 

I couldn’t help it. As beautifully written as it was, I couldn’t like it. I think, when Alex asked me if I liked it after he sent it to me, it was the first time I answered him “no”. I continued right after saying that the text was beautiful, but that I just couldn’t bring myself to like what was being said. 

I do remember well the moment we recorded the lyrics for that poem… We were supposed to only record the first one, ”À Ces Matins Sans Âme”, but Alex absolutely wanted to try this one as well. And we did the 2 remaining poems that night as well! We listened to them again the day after, with a fresh mind, to make sure it was all that we wanted it to be.  Read More »