From A Spark To A Song – Sketching Dreams

For me, the reminiscence of emotional souvenirs always unexpectedly awakes in tidal flashes of colors and fuzzy sparks of late night memories. “Sketching Dreams” is the result of such flashes and sparks… Arisen ghosts of a past that’s never far away enough to be called a forgotten evanescence, shades of fragile moments I wish forgiven, I wish to be free from, specters of sentiments I wish would remain hidden in the deepest of all blurred whispers… just as I wish for the phantoms of my profound anguishes to vanish in the halo of the neon lights I feed with illusive white lies, hoping that by dressing my darkest despairs with a joyful cloak of sacred remembrance, I would find myself some sleep again. But sometimes dreams ain’t what we wish for… as they might remain the pale incarnation of what we may deny our soul to be unshackled from… as they may turn the brightest of all dreams into an out of focus type of glazed revision of reality… but as you let go, you can instinctively start sketching and daubing elements of what used to be invisible and out of sight. And then, the dream is yours again to paint with high hope and jubilant love… Read More »