Vague Souvenir – The Quietest Whisper

This is a text I wrote as Your Favorite Enemies were recording the song “I See A Darkness”, in the Upper Room Studio. This text was sparked by a tweet from Jeff I read that night, a tweet he did as he was sitting with me in studio, listening to Alex & Miss Isabel record the vocals for the song… Once again, this is only a little spark of emotions I lived, as I was witnessing what was going on around me…

– Stephanie


The Quietest Whisper

June 28th, 2012
8:00 pm

Hearing @umitohanasuhito & @Miss_Enemy sing together, is something I’ll always be amazed by… Fills the church with so much soul
– @Jeff_Enemy

Today was the vocal recording for a song on “Vague Souvenir”, song called “I See A Darkness”. The band recorded the song together 2 nights before, but as Miss Isabel was then playing piano, she needed to record some back vocals, to support Alex’s. Read More »