From A Spark To A Song –
“Mightiest Of Guns”

1. “Mightiest Of Guns”

“Mightiest Of Guns”… there are some songs that, for some strange reason,
are faithful companions to very defining moments in life,
like fresh water on deep wounds, blessings in the deepest time of need,
vivid reminders of the brightest of all miracles lighting you up
through the profound desperation of an everlasting night…
This is what “Mightiest Of Guns” is for me…

When asked to participate in the special blog project “From A Spark To A Song” for the “Vague Souvenir” album, I must admit that I was somehow hesitant. Not about the nature of the project, which is a real heartfelt idea, but mostly because I believe that honest words and sincere sounds don’t need additional explanations or revisionary insight. Once sowed, the seed’s soul always reveals its true self as it blooms in the heart of the loved ones whom you shared your emotions with. There’s no need to pretend, no need for diluted colors to water paint the shadows reflected by the lights and darkness of your secret chamber… for me, art is life. You can hide, you can cheat, you can lie and you can subdue, as much as you can bless, confess, forgive, let go and resurrect. One way or the other, this is life. And it’s based on that fundamental belief that I decided to be part of “From A Spark To A Song”. Life, as I experienced it, as I felt it, as I grew through it. Life, as it is. Read More »

One Of The First
Bla Bla Bla Performances

In this blog devoted to the album “Vague Souvenir”, we want to bring you into the universe of the album, to give you a new perspective of each and every song, to let you know what we feel from these songs, what they mean to the band, to the crew. This week, I wanted to share with you about the song “The Mightiest Of Guns”, the very first one from the album we performed on the set of the Bla Bla Bla, a moment that we lived all together. Next week, Alex will share with us his perspective on the song, a choice that took us all by surprise, as none of us had ever heard of it… Read More »