From A Spark To A Song –
Turn The Dirt Over

3. “Turn The Dirt Over”

“However much I would have loved to keep my state of grieving sorrows away from the people I cared so much about, however much I would have fought to keep my ornamental crown of vulnerability hidden from my accusers’ judgmental abuse, however much I would have kept denying my self-afflicted resignation and my bitter fatalism from my weary dejected self, I knew, somehow, that as long as I could see the morning lights, as long as I could feel the breeze of the first daylight, I knew I would be able to hide. I wouldn’t be able to fight, nor would I be able to deny. I knew… I knew I would drench my mourning spirit in the epiphanic luminosity of every new dawn, that whatever illusion I would feed myself with, I would immerse my affliction in that thanksgiving abundance of mercy, I would submerge my self-imposed melancholy in that quenching indulgence of everlasting and fulfilling love and grace. I knew… As much as I knew that I was collapsing on the other side of the mirror, on that very same side where you become the soulless reflection of someone you quite don’t recognize anymore and where you’re no longer able to differentiate reality from your own delusional infatuations… Read More »

Vague Souvenir – Behind The Dirt

One cold day in March, a usual day, a day like every other, filled with its share of the unexpected, I was sitting in front of my computer trying to find something to listen to. You know those days when you don’t even feel like listening to your favorite songs, the classics you can listen to over and over again without ever having enough of them? Well, that day was one of those for me… So I turned to Alex in search of something new to listen to. This guy has more albums in his iTunes library than many record stores keep in inventory nowadays – and you have to know that not all of the albums he owns are in his iTunes! I asked him what he was listening to lately, and he answered me “Sea Wolf”. I had never heard of this band before. Had no idea what kind of music it was. So I looked up Sea Wolf on YouTube… There were too many songs from which to choose. I mean, when you listen to a band for the first time, you want to get that first good impression. You don’t want to listen to just any song that comes up. So I asked Alex for more details. What album are you listening to right now? What song? “White Water, White Bloom” he said, the song is “Turn The Dirt Over”. Read More »