Vague Souvenir – Des Armes


The first time the band performed this song live was during the European Tour… in England, I remember the song was welcomed very warmly, even though people did not understand what the lyrics were about, the song being in French. The shows have always been an opportunity for the band to not only perform and share their own songs, but also to share with the people they love some songs that had inspired them over the years… During the European Tour, “Des Armes” was one of them.

An outstanding text, written by Leo Ferré, and adapted into music by Noir Désir, one of Alex’s all time favorite bands, for their texts, their music, and their intensity. And this intensity, Your Favorite Enemies knows it very well… So when the decision came to add “Des Armes” to “Vague Souvenir”, I think it was pretty natural for everyone… This song had accompanied them through some of the most significant moments of a band: a first tour in Europe… Read More »