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From an envisioned first full length album, a legal battle, a career
suicide announcement, the almost dissolution of the band, to the birth
of what became a very special project that not only led
Your Favorite Enemies all over the world, but which also forged their
fierce independent artist identity and their strong determination to
remain faithful to their vision. This redefined the nature of the
expression "Do It Yourself" and inspired a legion of artists to take
ownership of their dreams and destiny.

This is the story of an album that wasn't supposed to be released, this
is the story of what became more than just another album. Hear the
story from the band members themselves, hear the story from the
band's team members who crafted it, find out about the secrets and
the never revealed truths buried beneath the album which paved the
extraordinary journey of Your Favorite Enemies.

If "Love Is A Promise Whispering Goodbye", it's never been so promising!
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Posted On September 5th, 2011

The band members explain the reasons that led to the addition
of the songs "Sunset Blow", I Might Be Wrong" and "No Time
Left For Confusion", along with the new videos that are
contained within the "Love Is A Promise Whispering Goodbye"
album re-issue.

Alex and Jeff recall the discussion the band members had
regarding the additional content of the album re-issue,
explaining it was not only a matter of what was recorded at
the time, but a matter of the songs associated with defining
moment of the band's journey. Find out about the titles of
other songs that could have made it to the re-issue...
wish they had made it!!!

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Posted On August 29th, 2011

Knowing that Your Favorite Enemies aren't short of a good
story, we asked the band members to share some of the
juiciest anecdotes associated with the album "Love Is A
Promise Whispering Goodbye".

From song writing, to the album pre-production, recording
sessions and the touring that supported the album.
Not to mention the fans' reactions and the moment they
re-visited some of the songs initially intended to be included
on the album. Hear stories that you have never heard
before related to the album.

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Posted On August 22nd, 2011

In a world where image is everything, Kanu, who's well known
for being Your Favorite Enemies' propagandist in chief and
visual commander, took us in his secluded sanctuary to share
about the album's original artwork concept and the vision he
had regarding the artwork of the re-issue of
"Love Is A Promise Whispering Goodbye".

Find out about some of the alternative artwork Kanu worked on
and have a look at what could have been the album's visual
identity if Alex hadn't explained to him that the idea of mixing
butterflies, muscled sailors and a choir of trained dogs and
cats wearing little clown outfits wasn't exactly what he had in
mind for the artwork. It would have been cool though!

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Posted On August 15th, 2011

Miriam, who's been Your Favorite Enemies official
photographer since 2006, and who's been associated with all
the projects released by the band ever since, talks about the
different conceptual elements that led to the definitive choice
of the photos for the album's cover and back.

Revealing really interesting details about her relationship
with Alex and sharing anecdotes related to the photo sessions,
Miriam's interview gives you a priceless insight into
the band's creative universe, which is way more
than meets the eyes!

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Posted On August 8th, 2011

Jeff relates: "The recording of "Love Is A Promise Whispering
Goodbye" truly came together when Ben sat down behind the
piano to play a very moody version of Little Sister.
Alex intuitionally started singing. Things came out pretty
naturally after that initial moment. No words were exchanged
and everyone just let go". Watch Alex, Ben and Jeff talk about
that very important period of the band and find out why the
band was on the verge of breaking up.

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Posted On August 1st, 2011

Alex reveals some details regarding the way he approached
and revisited the embodiment of the lyrics in the new songs.
His unique lyrical style has always been a fascinating
dimension of Your Favorite Enemies.
"Love Is A Promise Whispering Goodbye" lyrics are
truly taking another role on the songs' acoustic versions.

Will Alex give more insight about the meaning of some
of the songs he kept twisting with? Don't we all wish
he would... let's find out!

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Posted On July 25th, 2011

All projects ever released by Your Favorite Enemies are
known for their imaginative titles, the philosophical and
thoughtful dimension as well as their different levels of
significance. "Love Is A Promise Whispering Goodbye" is a
perfect example of this and as always it's more than meets
the eyes.

Alex shares a little on what the album title is about,
as he always remains consciously vague and evasive when
explaining the true meaning of lyrics or project names.
Therefore, it should be really interesting to know
the idea (or ideas) beneath the identity of
"Love Is A Promise Whispering Goodbye".

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Posted On July 18th, 2011

From what was envisioned by the band as a guitar driven
album, which gravitated towards the fragile balance between
the sorrows of the remaining innocence of youth and the
everlasting struggle for inner peace, in fact turned out
to be a very personal project for Alex and the band.

Find out about the reasons that changed the whole creative
direction, the moment they decided to write acoustic
versions, how painful the writing has been and why, facing
doubts about the legitimacy of such a personal album, they
decided to let go and take ownership not only of what those
songs were about but also what they were representing.
Hear Alex and Ben sharing about the context of it all...
and get a little glimpse of their personal lives.

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Posted on July 11th, 2011

Some sociologists state that every individual is the result
of the environment in which he lives, together with the
influence of the context surrounding him.
But when you know Your Favorite Enemies' journey,
you know they're always going against the odds of

Find out about the stories surrounding the context in which
the album has been crafted, the legal battle associated with
the album releaseand the reasons that almost led to
YFE's disbandment.
What turned an inevitable failure into such empowering story?
Find out about their fight for freedom and the end of
innocence... all this, and even more.

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Posted on July 5th, 2011

Your Favorite Enemies band members are discussing and
sharing about the reasons which led to the release of a
Deluxe and Remastered re-issue version of
"Love Is A Promise Whispering Goodbye".

They're giving some insight on the re-issue project and
on what they're calling a "re-appropriation of the
moments we've let slip away when they should have
been ours to fully live and build upon".

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