Vague Souvenir – Érosion Du Temps

Correcting the text in French has been very difficult… You need to understand that in French, while words are pronounced the very same way, they change in their spelling depending of what other words they are related to. And with short sentences without a verb, with almost no punctuation at all, every option could have been good. I could have read the same text and gotten 3 totally different meanings with no problem. Countless times I asked Alex “to what word is this one related?”, “this word goes with this one, or this one, or perhaps this other one?”, “is it you as the author who’s saying this, or is it the character from the text?”, “what is the general idea behind this line or sentence?”. After the first reading, when came the time to correct, my document was filled with red, orange, green and bold characters, all marking questions I had. There was only a very few black words remaining, to Alex’s dismay. He never liked explaining his text and their meanings… But he had no choice.
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Without you, nothing would have ever been the same

The picture used for the cover is one that Alex fell in love with, back in 2007, 5 years ago… Back then, though the shape of it was different, this journey was already in the back of our minds, waiting for us to define it. Vague Souvenir is the shape we gave this journey, the best way we could think of in order to be able to share it with you. A journey that Your Favorite Enemies went through, but also traveled with you. And without you, nothing would have ever been the same. Read More »

About Vague Souvenir…

Associated with the “Ceremony And Jubilation” special project that celebrates Your Favorite Enemies’ first 5 years, the “Vague Souvenir” album is a unique and intimate journey consisting of 14 transits, which includes 3 personal songs written over the course of the band’s first years, that have all been revisited and reappropriated by the band members, 4 french poetry songs, excerpts of Alex’s upcoming poetry book , 2 soulful interpretations of cover songs performed by the band in the “Upper Room” studio and 5 homages to artists that have been truly significant and deeply defining for the band members over the years… All of them giving the album its distinctive emotional honesty and poignant, authentic sincerity.

“Vague Souvenir” is the story of an emotion I experienced when I first saw an old polaroid picture taken by a Japanese friend, modestly exposed in a hidden, humble, treasure-type of environment. It was back in 2007, and I was mesmerized by the peaceful invitation to let go from that picture, that would, many years later, become the “Vague Souvenir” album cover… Read More »