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Happy New Year!

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What has 2016 been like for you? What do you want 2017 to be like?

For Your Favorite Enemies, it has been a year in which we found ourselves a little more. Where we got closer to our dreams. Where we worked harder than we thought we possibly could. Where we cried more. Where we laughed louder and more often. Where things didn’t always go the way we planned. Where plans meant to fail surprised us by becoming successes.

We have no idea where 2017 will lead us. What we know, though, is that we will walk the path that is ahead of us with confidence, one step at a time, and that we will work even harder to achieve what we believe in. We will, as they say, make our own luck.

May 2017 be a wonderful year for all of you!

366 days in 189 seconds

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366 days in 189 seconds… 2016 has been quite a blast. Feels like yesterday, yet so long ago!

We’re really thankful for what the last year has been for us, and looking forward to what the next one will bring! Thank you for joining us in this wonderful journey, you definitely make it a bright one!

Happy Holidays!

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May this time of the year be one during which moments shared with loved ones become eternal. Whatever your beliefs, your age, your sex, the country you live in, your culture your social status, may you find some peace. May you enjoy yourself. May you rejoice. May you be blessed abundantly. May your laughter turn into eternal shouts of joy. May you tell the people around you that you love them. May you count your blessings and be grateful for them. May you spare a thought for those in need around you. May you remember that you can make all the difference this world needs to see. But most importantly, may you know that you are loved, and that we are grateful for you. Each and every one of you has been a blessing upon our heads in the last year, and we didn’t want to let the opportunity we have of letting you know slip by.

Happy Holidays!

Happy Birthday Miss Isabel!

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Although she is the only girl in Your Favorite Enemies, and probably the first thing people notice about her, this is far from being what defines Miss Isabel. Always determined and looking forward, she always keeps her eyes on the goal that’s ahead and never lets anything waver her will. She’s one you can count on to remind you that the journey is worth it when the road gets hard. She’s a delicate, yet very strong heart. And her playing expresses it pretty well!

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“The Uplifting Sound” is now sold out!

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SOLD OUT!!!! There are no more copies of “The Uplifting Sound”!!! We were pretty serious when we were saying there were almost no more copies left! 😉 Thank you very much for embracing the project the way you have. We definitely hope that it will give you wings the same way it did for us.

Bummed you miss your chance? Make sure this doesn’t happen anymore, and subscribe to the “Spin It Call Out” list to get notified ahead of every future release!

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“The Uplifting Sound” vinyl: Officially Released!

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Officially released!

A life-changing and iconic concert can now be yours! Completely remastered, it is available on vinyl for the first time, and it has been entirely done at the HQ by the band members! Also, don’t forget, this deluxe and collector project is offered in limited quantity, and there ain’t many left!!! So hurry up if you want these collectible hand-signed and numbered items!

Already ordered it? Check out your email for your download link! You’ll be able to enjoy the music digitally until this little beauty of a vinyl reaches you!

Not ordered yet? Wait no more!

Last chance for a free slipmat!

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Live the experience of a concert in Shanghai with the vinyl version of “The Uplifting Sound” and get a free slipmat* with your order! Already ordered the vinyl? Check out your inbox, you have received your free download link! And if you haven’t ordered yet, hurry up! There’s almost none left!!!

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*Offer ends at 11:59pm (ET) on December 8.