Japanese God

Japanese God

I guess you can consider this video the following of what happened in the previous post for Ceremony & Jubilation! lol!

Yuki wanted to teach Sef a certain lesson, after everything he had him go through. The legend of Yamata No Orochi, lost in the forest, wearing only underwear, in winter, wasn’t enough… Yuki needed to push the legend a bit further, just like Sef did with the “magic snow” and the “maple toffee”. So a little touch of “Japanese magic” did the trick!!!

Sadly for Yuki, he learned the hard way that Sef doesn’t accept humiliation that easily. And that he still believes in Yamata No Orochi, as well as he still thinks he’s a Japanese God. He’s just a little more quiet about it…

– Stephanie

Parlez-vous Français?

Parlez-vous Français?

2008, Jeff traveled to France, just like he did in 2012, to go to the Midem Festival in Cannes, France. A beautiful place, a kind of paradise, to say the least.

Jeff, well known for being the one dealing most of the business aspects that are related to the band, went there to have different meetings. A crazy week, indeed, he came back and we could hardly recognize him. Walking all the time, without eating because of the lack of time, waking up early in the morning in order to get ready for the meetings, and coming back at impossible hours at night after the different meetings, let’s say Jeff worked as if he had been 2 or even 3 different people. He was everywhere, all the time. Continue Reading

What if…

What if…

We all come across a point in our lives where we want to change things, where we hadn’t done certain things and done some others, that we hadn’t taken risks, taken some other paths. There are always things we would like to change. But there are also times where we look at where we stand in the very moment, and wouldn’t change a thing. Not because it is perfect, as there is no such thing as perfection. But because we feel that this place where we stand is the very place where we should be. And with the new year that has just started, it seems to be a perfect time to do this, to start anew if we want to, or to keep walking the same path with even more passion…

This questioning, this doubt, the band members all had it too, a few years ago…

What if they weren’t part of Your Favorite Enemies? Who would they be? What would their lives be like??? But no matter what kind of wrong turns they did, no matter what choices they made, I guess they’re in the right direction!

What If... Jeff What If... Moose What if... Alex

Continue Reading

Merry Sefmess!

I wasn’t there when we filmed the famous Merry Sefmess… but there is no way I’ll ever forget this video, absolutely no way!!!!! lol! It’s 6 years old, though… but we just had to bring back this video, as it truly brought a revolution to the way we were doing videos (and watching the different YFE-TV episodes!)

It was one of our very first videos… And the longest one so far, with different scenes in different places, and editing and everything… We had just acquired some Panasonic video cameras, our first professional cameras, and YB – a Phys Ed teacher by trade – was getting to know FinalCut, a program for video editing, little by little, one shy step at a time… So this video was quite something for each and every one of us!!!! Continue Reading

Sef’s Ultimate Mission

Sef’s Ultimate Mission

What’s very cool with Sef is the fact that he’s always very “unexpected”… And his unexpectedness always is very, very, very intense!!!! I won’t say more… Just watch the video; you’ll understand everything!!!

“When beard is in your face, it’s as easy as breathing to rock.
Cry for nothing, Rock for something.
Your call, man”

– Stephanie

Sef’s Back From The Future

Sef’s Back From The Future

Doesn’t that remind you of anything? Beside the color of the fridge, obviously! Future, for Sef, means about a year later in time! And the events he “foresaw” looked more like the event list he could have found on the band’s MySpace page at the time, as I am pretty sure that we all knew of these events when he announced them to us!!!

Everybody’s future, though? Hmmm, pretty hard for everyone! But hey, they changed with time! For better or for worse…! But honestly… Poor Sef… Being a spokesperson of the future, isn’t really something easy… 😉 Especially when you have a Masked Green Hero to mess up your plans! lol!

Here’s a glimpse of the band members’ future!

Alex’s future:
In 2007: Hiding in Japan, because he’s afraid of being the world’s biggest band; Sef’s band.
In 2012: Sef’s BFF (Best Friend Forever), has been elected sexiest man, and has a special place to live in, close to the ocean…

Ben’s future:
In 2007: Still doing his little things in the basement – still today, no one knows what he meant…
In 2012: He has a new band, “Don’t Funk With The Leprechaun”… and the band apparently sucks!

Moose’s future:
In 2007: Sef doesn’t remember…
In 2012: Working for Sef, who’s helping poor women reach their dreams…

Miss Isabel’s future:
In 2007: Sef’s servant, obeying everything he says…
In 2012: She’s married to a powerful man, ruling the universe; Sef himself!

Jeff’s future:
In 2007: Sef didn’t see him in the future… He thinks Jeff drowned in his tears! (I personally think that if he had drowned somewhere, it would of been in the river in which Sef threw his supposed Time Machine! lol!)
In 2012: His diet didn’t work at all, but the worst is having to live in a world without him…

Sef’s future, obviously, is really bright… A knight, a king, saving humanity…

– Stephanie

Snowman’s Land

Snowman’s Land

Your Favorite Enemies has always been well-known for welcoming people from all over the world as family! For a few months, we had a friend from Japan live with us, Yuki, part of the video team! And as the king he is, Sef absolutely wanted to welcome him, and show him Quebec’s traditions!

He showed him how to make his first snowman, as Yuki arrived in winter, and obviously, had him eat his very first poutine!!!

Yuki being unable to speak English when he arrived with us, Sef offered to translate for him! Well, it didn’t take long for Yuki to know that Sef wasn’t understanding any Japanese at all… and he decided to teach Sef a little lesson of his own… Yamata No Orochi…

– Stephanie

PS: Don’t worry, Sef isn’t in charge of anybody anymore when they visit the place… 😉

Your Favorite Enemies live at Café Campus…

Your Favorite Enemies live at Café Campus…
November 13th, 2007

Shortly after coming back from their first European Tour, following another show in Montreal a few weeks earlier, at the Arcadia festival, the band played at the Café Campus!

Right before the show, Alex gave a short interview to YB, talking about what was coming up for the band, including a first video clip for the band in the beginning of the following year, that would involve a lot of people (and that, it did!!). Enjoy the show, and treat yourself to a full version of Sunset Blow!

“We wanted hope, they gave us ambition
We wanted to taste faith, they gave us religion
Who believes there’s more? More than hopelessness…?”

Discover, near the end of the video, some testimonies of the fans, coming from different places around the world… And discover Sef’s way of understanding everything… A way that is quite unique, definitely worthy of a king!!!! Also, see Ben’s “different” fashion!

– Stephanie

YFE Live From Arcadia

YFE Live From Arcadia
November 9th, 2007

Your Favorite Enemies was playing live at the Arcadia Festival in 2007. For those of you who don’t know, the Arcadia Festival was featuring different video games, new ones and unreleased ones, along with some live shows at night, to make the experience even better. Both sections were separated, obviously.

But Kanu, also known as Sef’s slave (remember “A Story Of Modern Slavery” video and blog… lol!), thought this was his time for glory. After all, video games are his forte! Unlike Sef, who was not only shamefully losing every game, but who also demonstrated very bad game spirit.

This show happened shortly after the band came back from their European Tour, and they were delighted to be able to play at home, as were the fans who eagerly waited for them to appear at this show! The amount of people in the crowd was just surprising… And from my point of view, in the crowd, it was almost impossible to hear the band! The people around knew all the lyrics by heart and were singing to their hearts content! It sure was heartwarming to see this! Even the staff had to kick us out (after giving us a final warning several times!) as the time we had with everyone after the show was too good to be ended just like that!!!!

Feel the energy the band has on stage once more… and get to see Sef competing at the then new karaoke-game, singing “Eye Of The Tiger” & “The Final Countdown” against Kanu and Moose. You will understand why Sef isn’t the singer of the band, and why he has never done any back vocals either. But could it be, that Sef isn’t as good of a guitar player as we thought? He seemed to have quite a bit of trouble playing guitar hero… 😉 I must admit, it always makes me smile to see Sef losing… and to see his ego getting even bigger than it already is… 😉

– Stephanie

Crashing The UK Airwaves

At “Talk Sport” Radio Station With Mike Mendoza And Sam Crompton…

We’re bringing you back to the UK with us! Just before leaving Europe, the band did an interview at the Talk Sport radio station, in London. All the band was there, except for Alex, who was still as sick as the previous days that night…

The band explains their expectations, the beginning of the band, life on tour, the reaction of the fans and their very special relationship with them…

Get to see Sef finally acknowledging that people do not understand him neither in French nor English. See the band on stage, off stage, with the fans…

And get to see Sef’s little guilty pleasure… “looking like a real king, with straight hair”…

Definitely a must-see video! You’ll laugh your head off! lol

– Stephanie