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Your Favorite Enemies live at Café Campus…

Your Favorite Enemies live at Café Campus…
November 13th, 2007

Shortly after coming back from their first European Tour, following another show in Montreal a few weeks earlier, at the Arcadia festival, the band played at the Café Campus!

Right before the show, Alex gave a short interview to YB, talking about what was coming up for the band, including a first video clip for the band in the beginning of the following year, that would involve a lot of people (and that, it did!!). Enjoy the show, and treat yourself to a full version of Sunset Blow!

“We wanted hope, they gave us ambition
We wanted to taste faith, they gave us religion
Who believes there’s more? More than hopelessness…?”

Discover, near the end of the video, some testimonies of the fans, coming from different places around the world… And discover Sef’s way of understanding everything… A way that is quite unique, definitely worthy of a king!!!! Also, see Ben’s “different” fashion!

– Stephanie

YFE Live From Arcadia

YFE Live From Arcadia
November 9th, 2007

Your Favorite Enemies was playing live at the Arcadia Festival in 2007. For those of you who don’t know, the Arcadia Festival was featuring different video games, new ones and unreleased ones, along with some live shows at night, to make the experience even better. Both sections were separated, obviously.

But Kanu, also known as Sef’s slave (remember “A Story Of Modern Slavery” video and blog… lol!), thought this was his time for glory. After all, video games are his forte! Unlike Sef, who was not only shamefully losing every game, but who also demonstrated very bad game spirit.

This show happened shortly after the band came back from their European Tour, and they were delighted to be able to play at home, as were the fans who eagerly waited for them to appear at this show! The amount of people in the crowd was just surprising… And from my point of view, in the crowd, it was almost impossible to hear the band! The people around knew all the lyrics by heart and were singing to their hearts content! It sure was heartwarming to see this! Even the staff had to kick us out (after giving us a final warning several times!) as the time we had with everyone after the show was too good to be ended just like that!!!!

Feel the energy the band has on stage once more… and get to see Sef competing at the then new karaoke-game, singing “Eye Of The Tiger” & “The Final Countdown” against Kanu and Moose. You will understand why Sef isn’t the singer of the band, and why he has never done any back vocals either. But could it be, that Sef isn’t as good of a guitar player as we thought? He seemed to have quite a bit of trouble playing guitar hero… 😉 I must admit, it always makes me smile to see Sef losing… and to see his ego getting even bigger than it already is… 😉

– Stephanie

Crashing The UK Airwaves

At “Talk Sport” Radio Station With Mike Mendoza And Sam Crompton…

We’re bringing you back to the UK with us! Just before leaving Europe, the band did an interview at the Talk Sport radio station, in London. All the band was there, except for Alex, who was still as sick as the previous days that night…

The band explains their expectations, the beginning of the band, life on tour, the reaction of the fans and their very special relationship with them…

Get to see Sef finally acknowledging that people do not understand him neither in French nor English. See the band on stage, off stage, with the fans…

And get to see Sef’s little guilty pleasure… “looking like a real king, with straight hair”…

Definitely a must-see video! You’ll laugh your head off! lol

– Stephanie