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5 years, 6 people, 1 same spirit

Your Favorite Enemies’ First EP
Interview Part 3
5 years, 6 people, 1 same spirit

Final part of the interview Your Favorite Enemies gave about their very first EP, five years ago… A time that sometimes felt forgotten for each and every one of us, as it seems so far away sometimes…

I was really glad to see your reactions last week, saying that Your Favorite Enemies’ spirit hasn’t changed. In the core, I think it is still the same as well. It might have changed – it must have changed – over the years, knowing that we go through different things, get a different understanding on things… Things change, evolve, but to see that Your Favorite Enemies are still true to themselves is something that I am very proud of, and something that never ceases to amaze me, as this is so rare nowadays… You sell out to be known, then drift from a fad to another in order to keep a “hype” that is merely there, really, and that is totally artificial. From the very start, Your Favorite Enemies knew what they wanted to do… BE with the people. And this is what they did. Said “fuck off” to the common “industry” logic at the time, and still today… Continue Reading

Beautiful Mess

Your Favorite Enemies’ First EP
Interview Part 2
Beautiful Mess

“Your Favorite Enemies… a band for some, a call-up for others… an uplifting family and an upper room for some… human rights activists and independent free thinkers for many… whatever they might incarnate, represent or be for everyone of us, YFE’s band members will undoubtedly remain brothers, sisters, loved ones and real friends…”

Your Favorite Enemies has always had a very clear view on what they believed in… and what they did not believe in. Controversial in its own way, since 5 years ago, the band believed that yes, “we are all the same”… Different backgrounds, different countries, different languages, different beliefs, but one same need… To be loved, to have a place to belong, a place to call home. This is the point that is common to all the song that appear on “And If I Was To Die In The Morning… Would I Still Be Sleeping With You”… a sense of belonging, for both the band and the fans… Continue Reading

Heart and Soul Through Ages

Your Favorite Enemies’ First EP
Heart and Soul Through Ages

Music goes through ages… We forget places, faces, spaces, and traces we’ve been, met, discovered and left… But we never forget music. It accompanies us through phases we go through at our own pace… 

Certain songs will always remind us of places we’ve been, faces we’ve met, phases we’ve been through. Though we forget what exactly has happened, the music never fades away. Though everything that surrounds it becomes blurry with time, the melody remains crystal clear…

In the midst of a year they lovingly named “Ceremony & Jubilation”, the band members of Your Favorite Enemies decided to rediscover the moments they lived in the last five years, since the release of their EP called “And If I Was To Die In The Morning… Would I Still Be Sleeping With You”.  In this first interview about the EP, the band explains why they decided to craft it, and what is the meaning that lies behind its title.  Continue Reading

Let’s Trash 2006

This is how Your Favorite Enemies welcomed 2007… Or well, just trashed away what 2006 had been!!!
Can you imagine Alex with very short hair?
Sef with something we can’t even call a beard?
Miss Isabel without her platinum blond hair?
Big Byrd not being yellow?
Ben without his sexy curls?
Moose with no facial hair?
Or even Jeff putting an end to a party because he is told so by the police?
Well, that was the case 5 years ago! Continue Reading

Ceremony & Jubilation

On June 1st, 2007, Your Favorite Enemies was releasing their very first EP, “And If I Was To Die In The Morning… Would I Still Be Sleeping With You”, by general demand from their fans who wanted to hear their music. Containing 5 songs and available only on the band’s online store, this album soon traveled around the whole world. The album received a very warm welcome by the fans, so much so that it took the whole band by surprise. However, released in the midst of a dark and difficult period for the band, the members felt that they had left behind many moments they should have made theirs years before. And in this desire, “Ceremony & Jubilation” was born.