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Tour Bus Confessional: UK

Tour Bus Confessional
September 24 – 27 : UK
Crisis ahead…

It was the big day! The day of our departure! FINALLY!!!! Here’s how the scene was in Montreal: people sleeping on benches in the waiting room. We are excited! I mean, how could we not be? But we’re all exhausted… Without a doubt sleeping was the thing to do!!! We were quite a few people leaving (are you really surprised? lol!) Here’s the list:

– Alex (Singing, doing interviews, getting sick… and sick… and sick again!)
– Jeff (guitarist, more-manager-than-a-real-manager-can-be, perfect filming subject!)
– Miss Isabel (only singing, back then no keyboards yet! Oh yeah, and cooking!)
– Ben (the one with the best immune system out of all of us!)
– Sef (acting as a King, as usual…)
– Moose (I think he wasn’t called Moose yet… Or at least, did not want to be!)
– Matt “Big Byrd” (he had the weirdest haircut I had ever seen – at that time!)
– YB (filming everything he could… and falling asleep filming)
– Kanu (he had a lot of meetings planned, you know…)
– Marjo (planning all the interviews we had with different magazines and human rights organisms)
– Miriam (taking pictures!)
– Stephanie (yeah, that was me… I was correcting blogs/translating)
– Izabel Desjardins (VJ at Musique+, french canadian version of MuchMusic!)
– Mr. Manager (being himself… Only he could do that…) Continue Reading

A Story Of Modern Slavery…?

A Story Of Modern Slavery…?

I have had the chance to tour with Your Favorite Enemies more than once… Actually, I think I have only missed one show in their entire career! You got to understand that before working with them, I am first and foremost a fan… Lol!

Tours are always a wonderful journey… with a very intense-fully-over-booked schedule! Every minute is counted, from morning (somewhere around 5am), up to night (somewhere around 2am)… Which leaves us with a huge 3-hour long night! Not so bad, when you think that many nights are sleepless! Lol! We cherish every hour of sleep that we can get! Continue Reading