Merry Sefmess!

I wasn’t there when we filmed the famous Merry Sefmess… but there is no way I’ll ever forget this video, absolutely no way!!!!! lol! It’s 6 years old, though… but we just had to bring back this video, as it truly brought a revolution to the way we were doing videos (and watching the different YFE-TV episodes!)

It was one of our very first videos… And the longest one so far, with different scenes in different places, and editing and everything… We had just acquired some Panasonic video cameras, our first professional cameras, and YB – a Phys Ed teacher by trade – was getting to know FinalCut, a program for video editing, little by little, one shy step at a time… So this video was quite something for each and every one of us!!!!

I do remember though, that on the 24th of December, YB, Alex and I were in the living room of one of the YFE apartments, giving the final touches to what would be the band’s first Christmas video! Others were waiting for us to start the party (though I wonder if they really waited for us, after all… lol!)

It was also the first time that we did a video that involved more people than Sef himself (though he did play a very important part in this video! lol!) After all… He is the Christmas, right???

And he made sure to let us know what were the true values we needed for Christmas… That man is such a generous soul… lol! Discover Christmas traditions like you’ve never seen them before, and feel free to bring your very own judgment to it all.

PS: See that La Senza bag with the lingerie in it? Sef did get in trouble for this, and many security agents were sent after him…

PPS: Sef didn’t understand at the time that the “rain-dear” wasn’t Rudolph, but Bambi, and thus he would never be able to fly…

PPPS: That little garden statue has somewhat been molested during the shooting of this video. Sorry to say so.

PPPPS: We really did have a movie screen and a couch installed in the front yard for the shooting of this video. Didn’t please the neighbours… lol!

PPPPPS: The Sefmess Parade in the streets of Montreal was made on a rainy-icy day. What fun for the Sefmess carriers.

PPPPPPS: Has anyone seen the unedited version of this video? lol


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