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Are you ready for Disney World?

Are you ready for Disney World?

March 2008 was the date the video clip for “Open Your Eyes” would be filmed… and well, Your Favorite Enemies being Your Favorite Enemies, it needed to be done in grand style… You know what I mean? They’ve never done anything like anyone else! And that’s what we like about them; they’ve always remained faithful to their hearts!

So they decided to invite everybody for the week-end. Not only for the week-end, but also to be part of the video-clip itself. To assist to the filming of a part of it, and to have a role in it.

This video is the invitation card the band members sent to everyone… After watching this, you knew you wanted to be there. The only thing you didn’t know is that everything would be much more intense than what was shown in this video… 😉



YFE Studio Hidden Camera

YFE Studio Hidden Camera

In June 2007, the band was releasing their very first EP, called “And If I Was To Die In The Morning… Would I Still Be Sleeping With You”. It was entirely recorded in their own “studio”, if you could call that a studio back then! It was located in the basement, foam panels on the walls to provide some kind of a better sound, and every little noise that was made, meant the track needed to be done again, because the mics would record everything one way or another!

It was totally DIY, totally homemade. We were pretty far back then from the studio we have today, in a church. But the passion they had was undeniable.

As soon as the EP was finished, they started working on the album “Love Is A Promise Whispering Goodbye”, that would be released in June 2008, one year after the EP. But before the album was released, in March that same year, the band was set to film their very first video clip, for the song “Open Your Eyes”, a classic most of you already know! And in this video, Alex brings you with them in studio, where, at the time, you could preview some of the changes that occurred on the song “Open Your Eyes”… 🙂

Get to see how the recording works, how the band composes the songs, gets them ready, how they throw in their different ideas for new parts in the song… And understand what kind of tragedy Sef was living at that moment – Jeff had just been kicked out of the band (or so he thought)… It’s always impressive to see how this man’s mind works!

Discover more in the video!!!! And enjoy the process of creation!!!

– Stephanie

Everybody Loves Jeff… Or almost… :)

Everybody Loves Jeff… Or almost… 🙂

It will be Jeff’s birthday very soon!!!! 5 years ago, the band members organized a very very very special night for him, where lots of people were invited. The night ended in a very special sushi place (ask anyone about Jeff’s birthday dinner at that Japanese restaurant – we all have different memories of it for different reasons!).

And… have you ever seen Sef with the cry in the face? Well, it happened that very night! Continue Reading