The end of a year, the beginning of another one…

The end of a year, the beginning of another one…

It has been a year already since we started this special Ceremony & Jubilation, to celebrate with you everything that happened in those last 5 years. The good times and the bad times. The laughing and the crying.

Going back through all those memories was quite special for me. It was all so long ago, yet it still feels so close to all of us. To live them all over with you, or to share them for the first time with you, making you an important part of each and every one of these moments.

We often say that nothing would be the same without you. And this has never been so true.

We are starting another year today, another anniversary. We could consider that a year has just finished. Or simply say that the journey is going on, and on, and on! With the band on tour, an album that has recently been released in Japan and that will be released in other places in the world pretty soon, I like to think that it’s only the beginning!!!!

What was your favorite moment last year??? What did you enjoy most? Let us know… And let’s share the joy all over again!

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See you soon!!!

– Stephanie

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  • Elizabeth


    Hi dear Steph!!

    Favorite moments – there are so many moments laden with transforming and joyful experiences for me that it’s hard to choose – the Montreal YFE week-end would have to be the event that touched me deepest because i was able to be there and live the moments of concerts and communion in person, which is a blessing that can’t be reproduced in any other way, but there are many more…really any time that this family that astounds me with it’s rare beauty came together in an “event” YFE created for just that purpose – the Bla Bla Bla’s, the day so many from around the world joined in an impromptu chat on the SFCC, CMW, the recent European tour, commenting together on blogs and photos and posts.. I want to thank you again Steph for all you do to make these gatherings possible – your embracing, compassionate spirit flows through every interaction you have with this family..BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Can’t wait to journey through the next year with you and all who are drawn into this YFE miracle!!

    love and prayers always!!!


  • Chris


    It was so special to watch all of these videos through the year! It feels like we have lived 15 years in 6 !! I mean, there has been so many powerful moments and so much action!! lol!!

    Sure I can tell you which of these videos is my favorite… It’s definitely the ”YFE TV on the road” in which we can see the guys performing a show on the streets in Japan! It shows such commitment! I was touched right away when I saw it back then and still today, I find it beautiful. I am ready for more! I know that the journey is only starting!!
    Thanks to everyone who made this ”Ceremony & Jubilation” blog possible!!


  • Mary


    It’s really hard for me to say what was my favorite moment of the year, or even my favorite memory that you brought back through these blogs. But I must admit that through the past 5 years, I always loved the days when the YFE TV’s were released. It was like little chronicles of all the YFE adventures in studio and of our daily lives. For all the people wondering what it’s like to spend a day with us at the HQ, it was a good preview of it! haha!

    We changed a little through the years, but always kept our childish hearts, our vision to create bridges with the people so that everyone could be called by their name. This is for me a precious treasure and this would have never been possible, and still couldn’t be, without every individual, close or far away, that believes in who we are and that is reminding us their desire to live and shine, to grasp more about life every day!


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