“Ceremony And Jubilation” is a family oriented project that will be held from June 2012 to June 2013 in order to celebrate the joyful nature of Your Favorite Enemies’ upcoming new full-length album to be released and to revisit the uplifting essence of the band’s unique journey.

In the midst of the EP “And If I Was To Die In The Morning… Would I Still Be Sleeping With You” fifth year release anniversary, the band members of Your Favorite Enemies decided to turn this defining moment into a whole year of celebrations, during which new collectible and limited merch items will be offered, rarities and music that was never released will be shared, special live performances will be released, details of new projects will be unveiled and new songs will be revealed.

Alex explains: “When asked to share the story of the band, we always found ourselves having that intriguing difficult time to define the nature of what used to be “yesterday” for Your Favorite Enemies. Somehow, we found ourselves having quite a hard time appreciating every single piece of life we were experiencing daily, as we had always been so focused on “tomorrow”. With the 5th anniversary of the release of “And If I Was To Die” and the new album about to be released, we thought it would be such a wonderful opportunity to look back a bit and recollect some of our lost memories, to honor our fans, brothers, sisters, loved ones and friends who lifted us up in time of deepest need and supported us in all the crazy projects we gave birth to over the years. It’s quite good to be able to do so… to look back without losing the perspective of the moment we’re living and the excitement of what’s ahead of us. Especially that we can do it without any bitter feelings or painful emotions. In many ways, these celebrations are a tribute to the profound love we have for each other, and the grace we offered and received over the years. It’s quite an exciting period of our lives and, quite frankly, remembering all those souvenirs with a bit more perspective showed us pretty clearly that our lives had always been incredibly exciting… and the frenzy is only beginning!”

In so many ways, Your Favorite Enemies’ story could be defined as an epic tale portrayed in some peplum movie, grand scale type of saga from which everlasting friendships go a long way with dreadful betrayals, the most uplifting blessings aren’t dissociable from the darkest of all afflictions, profound joys cannot be isolated from the deepest despairs. Even the most fulfilling accomplishments aren’t strangers to the most brilliant of all failures, from which a brother’s broken promises are as numerous as a passer-by’s faithfulness… as life vividly radiates alongside mournful mornings… as truth mirrors illusions and bright hopes fade away only to rise up all over again… I guess Your Favorite Enemies’ story paradoxes are as numerous as the different shades of colors reflected by the constant revolving spectrum of life.

Therefore, as every unique and meaningful story, the upcoming chapters would be (should be… could be… or may never “be” at all…) as unexpected and fulfilling as its journey has been up until now. It shouldn’t be exempt of any dramatic and entertaining fall, as much as it should be filled with the courage to rise up with convictions and the privilege to share the moment with the people they truly love and care for…

Your Favorite Enemies… a band for some, a call-up for others… an uplifting family and an upper room for some… human rights activists and independent free thinkers for many… whatever they might incarnate, represent or be for everyone of us, YFE’s band members will undoubtedly remain brothers, sisters, loved ones and real friends…

Alex concludes saying: “An inspiring vision got us together, personal ambitions teared us apart and hopeless self-preservation almost killed us… but defining love lifted us up all over again… that’s the true story of that family, also known as a band called Your Favorite Enemies”.