Japan Tour 2008 – May 28th, Tokyo

Japan Tour 2008 – May 28th, Tokyo

Second show in Tokyo, this time at the Akasaka Blitz…

Last week, you saw the band BEFORE they got on stage… This week, we show them to you right AFTER the show, still fresh from everything that happened, from every little glimpse of life that was born that night… Life creates life, and we just can’t doubt it.

As much as I was speechless that night after the show, right after everything that happened in front of my eyes, those images, 5 years later, still leave me speechless, and bring tears to my eyes. It feels good to be alive…

– Stephanie

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  • Elizabeth


    oh Steph!!

    I remember this video and so much surrounding it – i was blessed beyond measure (when the video was originally released and now…)-by Alex’s words and by the tearful embrace of you and Isabel behind him – the crowd chanting “no music no life” with every fiber of their beings united in that unexpected communion together!! ..miracles happened that night that are still bearing fruit in YFE and company and all those who were touched that night – just as Alex said, changes that could not be fully understood or defined in the moment but that are shaking the very foundations of bondage in Japan and beyond..

    love you all so very much!! praying always!! mom


  • Chris


    It’s so special cause it feels like I was right there living that moment with you only by watching the video!!

    The intensity that the girls are living cannot be faked and Alex’s words are so powerful!! Among all the videos that we have, this one is in my top favorites and it’s because it’s so real!!
    I’m always moved when I see it!

    It’s like fragile but poignant at the same time… I am so glad that it was brought back, cause it’s that type of intensity that can become contagious!!


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