The Bull-Sef-Party

The Bull-Sef-Party

Unable to admit that Jeff could throw a better party than himself, and maybe feeling a little reminiscent about Texas, Sef organized this huge rodeo themed party. But only between you and me, I don’t see that many people at his party… Or at least, nobody we really know. And it looks like he is far from being the center of attention. I am not sure that Sef was in the spotlight at all… lol! The bulls stole the show!

On the other end, Jeff had a “small” party… Something like he usually always does, nothing extraordinary… Some have it the natural way. Others don’t… lol!

But one thing is for sure, the best parties that you could ever be in, is when Your Favorite Enemies all gather together… The band, the crew, and you. Be it a private party or something made public, with a very few people or so many we’re unable to keep count, there is nothing like when we are all together… This is when “moments” really happen!!!

Thank you for being part of so many of these moments… Directly with us, or online… It makes all the difference! It would never be the same without you!!!!

– Stephanie

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  • Jennifer


    I see you are still in competition with each other, may the fun never stop either. I would rather be at the bull ride comp with Seffie though!


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