From Tangier with Love

Written by Your Favorite Enemies. Posted in News

The “week of love” is almost over, and as you know, we all shared about what “Love Is To…” meant for us in the band’s fan club, the SFCC! It sparked great conversations in the club, as well as between each other here in Tangier! It’s not very difficult to fall into some cheesy or easy stuff when it comes to love, because, as I mentioned in my text on the SFCC, we all grew up surrounded by music and movies about the ultimate romance and love at first sight… But what about long-term friendship and partnership?!

The key sentence I heard during this conversation was when Alex said “There is nothing intelligent when there’s no love.” This got me thinking a lot about it, as it was such a powerful and especially inviting statement. When you look at our band’s story, where we went through hell and back for one another so many times, as for us, Your Favorite Enemies is not about music, but about what we, the six of us, have to share. In other words, love will make sense and show its real depth when in the heart of the storm. This is when words mean something, otherwise, they’re only words, and words without love are nothing intelligent; they’re dry like the desert.

Tangier creates the exact same dynamic within each and every one of us. Either you like it, either you don’t. It’s very fascinating how there’s no possible in-between. This city is so alive and has a vibe of its own, almost as if the city chose its people. It’s obviously very different from all I knew and visited before coming here, and the differences are very strong and well-established, but very alive and welcoming nonetheless! So, when we share and talk with people, it’s always quite fascinating. I realize how much we all have our truths, but when those truths are not to welcome or to share, wether you’re muslim, christian, vegan, or into jazz, soccer, football, sexually open or not, all or none of the above… the point is that if there’s no love, there can’t be nothing even intelligent coming out of a moment, of a conversation… To love is to be! 🙂

– Jeff