Only 48 hours to participate to the Kong-test

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Would you like to watch a 3D representation of the movie “Kong: Skull Island” with Sef? Well, this privilege will be given to 2 lucky people who buy Sef’s brand-new t-shirt, the “Prin-Sef Leia”.

You must buy the t-shirt before March 26, 11:59pm (ET) to be eligible to the contest, and must also be a resident of the province of Quebec.

Winners will be contacted by email on March 27.

Get the t-shirt and participate

Sold Out!

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Your Favorite Enemies’ very first poster, completely handmade in their creative atelier using a silk-screen printing technique is now sold out. Available in limited quantity only, every poster was signed and numbered by Alex himself.

Make sure you hurry up next time something is released in limited quantity… but until then, there are plenty of other cool merch you can get from the YFE Store!

Head to the YFE Store

Almost sold out!

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“Most Live to Say Goodbye, Some Die to Feel Alive”
This poster, the first ever made by Your Favorite Enemies, is so much more than meets the eye.
Available in limited quantity only, it is almost already sold out!

Don’t be too late, get yours now!

New blog by Ben

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In words of his own, Ben tells us about Your Favorite Enemies’ concert at the Pianos in NYC on March 1, 2016. A story of passion, dedication, communion that started with a road trip, continued through a concert and a toast on Times Square, and still goes on today.

Read Ben’s blog

Love sees no color…

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That’s the type of world we want to live in. Let’s end racism. 

The International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination highlights the issue every year, though it’s an every day battle that needs to be fought with eyes wide open, acknowledging the different colors of this world and allowing the diversity to empower us and unite us. Difference is not the enemy, fear is. 

#InternationalDayAgainstRacism #EndRacism

SFCC Gala on April 8

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On April 8, the acclaimed SFCC gala will be coming back for a 2nd edition! Streamed live on Facebook, the gala is the celebration of the band’s fan club, the Secret Family Cult Club, most often referred to as the SFCC.

On the menu this year:
– Unveiling of the new membership package items
– Announce of the winner of Alex’s mic contest
– Disclosure of projects to come
– Divulgation of new features to come on the SFCC
– Revealing of new contest
– And much more!

And if you want to know what this fan club that you hear of so often is all about before that day, you’re more than welcome to join the SFCC fan club community right away!

Become a SFCC member

New blog by Miss Isabel

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Through her words, Miss Isabel brings us back to 1 year ago, when Your Favorite Enemies performed the iconic Pianos in NYC. She will make you go through the streets of a city bustling with creativity, art, and life… where so many have walked before.

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