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Get a chance to win this unique guitar!

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Only 6 days left to subscribe to the SFCC fan club and get a chance to win Jeff’s guitar, a hand-painted piece of art! Watch this video to know what Jeff has to say about it!

Not a member yet? By joining the SFCC fan club, not only might you win the guitar, but you also gain access to the community and all its content for 1 year; TV shows, exclusive pictures & videos, a forum, and all the band’s music as well…! Join now!

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“Hope in Dark Days” notebook

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Sef is an artist, for all that it means. When it’s time to express himself in a notebook, he has his own way of doing it…! Here is his spaceship, directly from Tangier, Morocco. Yes, every life is a story to tell 😉 What’s yours?

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From Tangier with Love

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The “week of love” is almost over, and as you know, we all shared about what “Love Is To…” meant for us in the band’s fan club, the SFCC! It sparked great conversations in the club, as well as between each other here in Tangier! It’s not very difficult to fall into some cheesy or easy stuff when it comes to love, because, as I mentioned in my text on the SFCC, we all grew up surrounded by music and movies about the ultimate romance and love at first sight… But what about long-term friendship and partnership?!

The key sentence I heard during this conversation was when Alex said “There is nothing intelligent when there’s no love.” This got me thinking a lot about it, as it was such a powerful and especially inviting statement. When you look at our band’s story, where we went through hell and back for one another so many times, as for us, Your Favorite Enemies is not about music, but about what we, the six of us, have to share. In other words, love will make sense and show its real depth when in the heart of the storm. This is when words mean something, otherwise, they’re only words, and words without love are nothing intelligent; they’re dry like the desert.

Tangier creates the exact same dynamic within each and every one of us. Either you like it, either you don’t. It’s very fascinating how there’s no possible in-between. This city is so alive and has a vibe of its own, almost as if the city chose its people. It’s obviously very different from all I knew and visited before coming here, and the differences are very strong and well-established, but very alive and welcoming nonetheless! So, when we share and talk with people, it’s always quite fascinating. I realize how much we all have our truths, but when those truths are not to welcome or to share, wether you’re muslim, christian, vegan, or into jazz, soccer, football, sexually open or not, all or none of the above… the point is that if there’s no love, there can’t be nothing even intelligent coming out of a moment, of a conversation… To love is to be! 🙂

– Jeff


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Don’t miss our special SFCC contest! Get a chance to win this unique hand-painted guitar that belonged to Jeff! He says about the ocean design on it:

“Just like music, the ocean is filled with life, magic and wonders. It’s calm and its immensity allows us all to dream beyond any limitation! It’s powerful and destructive, which makes it out of control yet completely free! It unites us from shore to shore… from a country to another, a continent to another.”

How to win it? Choose your membership, New School or Old School, before March 1st, be part of the moment on the community, live this journey on the most intimate way… and get lucky!!! 🙂

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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And for you, #LoveIsTo __________ ?

On the SFCC fan club, we just had a very inspiring discussion with the members of the club regarding love, in which we shared what love is to us. Here are some excerpts of our discussion:

Alex: Love is to revive something we might have lost or left behind in the bleakness of the night […] You welcome love and therefore you’re born again.

Ben: One of the greatest gifts and challenges of love is to show who you truly are […] To be real is a true testimony of trust and love.

Miss Isabel: Love Is To… Invite others as they are.

Jeff: Love is to shine […] To me, love is something simple but honest.

By simply being who I truly am, I invite others around me to do the same, which creates something far from perfection, but that is deeply rooted in love and honesty.

Sef: Fear keeps us in our own little world, but love through honesty creates bridges between each other.

Moose: Love is to be this flow that invites, that provides strength, that opens the way for those who are in my life.

Valentine’s Day playlist

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We know this picture can be quite disturbing… but wait until you hear our new Spotify playlist for Valentine’s Day made of the best love songs according to the band members! We think it’ll help you understand the image (or not – we’re still looking for answers!) Anyway, whatever plans you have for Valentine’s Day, it’s always a good idea to play it loud!

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New gift cards

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Love is a gift in itself. A true gift is one you choose to be meaningful as a common story. We created new gift cards to bond with you and your loved ones, for you to offer them music, t-shirts, hoodies, that are more than items but that wear a soulful meaning. You just have to choose the amount, the visual, and we’re taking care of the rest. One thing is for sure, as it’s digital, it’ll arrive on time for Valentine’s Day!

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From Tangier with Love

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I simply found it profoundly incredible to be the six of us united in Tangier, Morocco, working on our next musical project! For those of you who have been following Your Favorite Enemies since our early days on Myspace, you know how crazy of a journey it’s been, as most of the time, we were our own favorite enemies! I thought the image was powerful… After more than 10 years spent together traveling the world in every possible condition, digging to find a home, to find peace, to find words music can’t express sometimes, we’ve realized that friendship is the most amazing thing we can offer someone… And to me, this is the most inspiring part of our story!

Love isn’t just something we find or something we fall into, but a journey, a journey we qualified of “beyond ourselves” not so long ago. Being here all together, to me, is a real testimony of what honest and real love is capable of! Even if sometimes the amount of love we have is as big as a mustard seed, it can – and it will – move mountains!

The hardest part of this journey is yet to come in a way, but to be here all together makes the impossible reachable. As long as there’s love…!

– Jeff