International Women’s Day 2019

Written by Your Favorite Enemies. Posted in News

Every year my bandmates of Your Favorite Enemies and I are taking a stand for Women’s rights’ equality, respect and justice. We do not believe in crushing one side to elevate the other, but are firm believers in elevating each other with the love and respect we decide to pour out in all circumstances. Men elevating women, women elevating men, women elevating women, humans elevating humans. If only we would elevate each other then we would see a real balance between Men and Women!

But our eyes are blinded… by fear, jealousy, shame, anger, bitterness, laziness and apathy. All of these, well-rooted in our minds and emotions are turning our eyes to our own self and, as we become more and more self-centered, every possible way to rise above anyone else becomes reasonable, or at least, to not be impacted by anyone else’s pain becomes vital.

I have listened to a woman describing how she had been left for dead by an abusive husband. I have cried with a mother that had been hurting her baby son because of mental illness. I have spoken with a young single father who felt helpless because his government wouldn’t give identity papers to his baby girl. And still, sometimes, I know I am blind to the injustice that is happening around me, the injustice I let live in me.

As I am celebrating International Women’s Day, I want to declare that equality is in our hands, Women and Men, together, and that I take off the blindfold of apathy to be able to see what I can do, what I can be, promote and live equality. #BalanceForBetter