The Band’s Resurgence

Every song that appears on the album “Tokyo Sessions” is also featured in the book “A Story About Between Illness and Migration” in a song by song interview with Alex, Ben and Sef. A long-time fan favorite, the song “I Just Want You to Know” is a very special song for the band members. Here’s part of the reasons why in this excerpt taken from page 92.

Alex: “I Just Want You to Know” had several musical incarnations before we recorded the song for “Between Illness and Migration”. But its meaning has always remained clear to everyone of us. It was about emergency, a sort of proof of life, towards ourselves at first. It’s a little later that it truly became a collective voice.” 

Ben: “I think it marked the band’s first resurgence after years of silent conflictual turbulence in our personal lives, and therefore within the band itself.”

Alex: “It’s actually the first song we wrote, performed and recorded after I came back out of a very dark period of my life. I was literally starving myself to death. I totally lost perspective… on life, faith, myself… everything.”

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