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Of Hope and Peace

This picture is one that has been chosen to represent the song “Yūnagi” in the book “A Story About Between Illness and Migration”. Taken in Hiroshima on October 19, 2010, in a school that ...

August 21, 2017/No comment

The Band’s Resurgence

Every song that appears on the album “Tokyo Sessions” is also featured in the book “A Story About Between Illness and Migration” in a song by song interview with Alex, Ben and Sef. A long-t...

August 14, 2017/No comment


“Courage is not about strength, or even faith and hope. It’s about taking a chance, and another one, and another one”  – Ben  Excerpt of “A Story About Between Illness and Migration”, page 108, i...

July 20, 2017/No comment

Man and the Sea

“Both of you live in darkness and in mystery: Man, who has ever plumbed the far depths of your being? O Sea, who knows your private hidden riches, seeing How strange the secrets you preserve so j...

July 16, 2017/No comment

"Stop Thinking"

Sef: “Alex told me to stop thinking, that the song was about being set free from any kind of structure” Excerpt from the exclusive song-by-song interview with Sef, Alex and Ben in the storybook “...

July 12, 2017/No comment
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