Through the Eyes of Others

Ever since the release of its very first edition, “Between Illness and Migration” has received reviews from all over the world. From Kerrang! Magazine deeming the band Canada’s Best Kept Secret, all the way to being compared to maple bacon, let’s just say that no emotion has been spared!

You’ll find in the book a whole section featuring reviews about the album. Spanning across the pages 34 to 45, the section also includes highlights on Japan, UK, France, and Germany!

Here are a few of the reviews you’ll find in it!

“Compelling, genre-bending music that defies the conventions and traditional formats.”
– CBC, Canada

“Menée sur un rythme infernal, l’affaire place l’auditeur dans l’œil du cyclone, au cœur d’un tourbillon de guitares saturées où les chants et les langues se répondent et se télescopent.”
– Longueur d’Ondes, France

– Bark, Japan

“Eine unterhaltsame, aber auch auf Tiefgang setzende Verquickung aus Stil-Achterbahnfahrten und Eingängigkeit, die man wohl nur aus den besten Zeiten von …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead kennt.”
– Eclipsed, Germany

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