Drifting Between Tides and Time

“Next time we go there it will be totally different. Because of who we are now…”
Taken from the book “A Story About Between Illness and Migration, page 175.

Australia has been a very meaningful place for Your Favorite Enemies. For all different reasons. But somehow, it is a place we haven’t come to terms with yet. And this is why we know that going back there will be extra special; we’ve made peace with ourselves. In the book “A Story About Between Illness and Migration”, Alex explains how this country has impacted him. Here’s an excerpt:

“We would finally find a peaceful ground within the affection of the people we were so happy to meet. I remember saying that no one had to pay for our inner problems, that however unhappy we were, we had to be grateful for the brothers and sisters who were excited to see the band live and to spend time with us. The love we always had for others saved us from the hatred we were now openly feeding between each and every one of us. The writing was on the wall. The band was now artificially maintained in life. And all we could do was wait to be back home to put the monster to sleep… “

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