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Considered as the "moment" that led to the band's rebirth, Your Favorite Enemies' members share about the emergency of living and the freedom that arises through the embodiment of letting go... "Where Did We Lose Each Other"...

The awakening, the inspiration, the rebirth in their own words.

Becoming Your Favorite Enemies

Written by Your Favorite Enemies. Posted in Where Did We Lose Each Other

”Where Did We Lose Each Other” has been a very impacting song for Your Favorite Enemies, it put words on a truth that they did not want to admit, but that allowed them to become who they are today, a song that marked the beginning of something new. 

In this video, discover why the band members decided to do a special interview series, and discover the meaning the song carries for them, a little over a year after it has been recorded. A meaning they discovered more and more about as time passed. A treasure box that needed to be opened with all of you, a decision to share that song in its every detail with you, and a commitment towards themselves to look even further, knowing that this song has many layers that are yet to be revealed.

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  • Juliette


    C’est fou de voir comme alors qu’on se perd, la lumière n’est jamais très loin si nos yeux se tournent vers elle. J’ai trouvé ça spécial de vous imaginer en studio vivre chacun quelque chose de puissant que vous partagez maintenant de façon aussi vivante avec nous. Jeff qui arrête tout ce qu’il fait, Alex qui ne comprend pas encore ce qui vient de se passer, Ben qui le vit avec passion et excitation. C’est comme si à partir de ce moment là, le temps se fige un instant pour repartir dans une direction bien plus tracée sans retour en arrière.


  • Elizabeth


    (first – please give the video team a huge THUMBS UP for the graphics and set – polished, professional and ALIVE! they just get better and better!) I can relate to each one of you so fully in what you have expressed here, and i hold onto the hope that this recreation, this utterly courageous rebirth through fire and pain into Life, was only a beginning – as Alex said, not a place to stay, but a gift, the essence of which is lived in a “new incarnation” every day – a gift that has the power to impart itself to others through you and all who open their hearts to receive it…ripples turning into waves..

    love you always!!!!!!!!!!! and praying 🙂


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