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Considered as the "moment" that led to the band's rebirth, Your Favorite Enemies' members share about the emergency of living and the freedom that arises through the embodiment of letting go... "Where Did We Lose Each Other"...

The awakening, the inspiration, the rebirth in their own words.

Unintentional Lyrics

Written by Your Favorite Enemies. Posted in Where Did We Lose Each Other

The french part of the lyrics in ”Where Did We Lose Each Other”, arose a lot of questions amongst the fans. When asked why he added this part, Alex told us that those words were a scream from the heart, a letter that was never sent, a prayer never prayed, a confession never confessed… The best way he could express what was on his heart…

Comments (2)

  • aurélie


    En fait, ce passage du texte, enfin le texte en français est tous simplement un choix au hasard ….


  • Elizabeth


    This entire segment is very powerful, but i think my favorite concept expressed here is the idea that everything EXCEPT that which is perfect makes up the wonderful aspects of our lives. And the really cool thing about that is that nothing is perfect – the desire for “perfection” is driven by an illusion that blocks us from fully experiencing the vibrancy of each moment, exactly as it is… as always, thank you – prayers and love


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