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Considered as the "moment" that led to the band's rebirth, Your Favorite Enemies' members share about the emergency of living and the freedom that arises through the embodiment of letting go... "Where Did We Lose Each Other"...

The awakening, the inspiration, the rebirth in their own words.

The Beginning Of Something New

Written by Your Favorite Enemies. Posted in Where Did We Lose Each Other

The longest distance in life is the distance between your heart and your head… There is a constant battle between what you think is right and what you know is right… And “Where Did We Lose Each Other” is the reflection of this distance… Words that are raw, true, that were never meant to be shared with the world…  In this interview, the band members share about the meaning of those words for them, in each of their own reality, and how it impacted them.

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  • aurélie


    Waou le fais d’avoir écouté tous votre avis sur cette chanson on sent une émotion incroyable qui se dégage sur ces mots 😉


  • Elizabeth


    so much to ponder here – feelings and intuitions as I walked this path with you from a distance brought into much clearer focus – I find myself filled with even more love for all of you, if that is possible. prayers and blessings always – and endless love.. mom e


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