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New York City, a hopeful hideout
I wish I could show you the imageries that the time we spent together in New York City created in my mind, the imprint they left in my heart and how redemptive they were. Some might picture a secret hideout as a house by the lake, a quiet living room, a book, a great album listened to in a headset, a café where they like to hang out with their best friends… For me, New York City is all about our toasts by the river at the Bushwick Inlet Park, the times we had playing at the CMJ, the walks we had in Manhattan, in Williamsburg, our traditional dinners at Eataly, Coney Island beach, Jeff and me on a road trip 10 years ago, The Ramones, Sonic Youth, the artistic scene that inspired us so much… We even at one point considered moving to NYC to write and record what would become ”Between Illness And Migration”. I could go on like that, and on, and on, and on… What we shared in New York City made it a place where I’ve seen hope many times. You too can probably think of a place or an event that was very meaningful, which made it special to invite people in. It’s exactly what this road trip all together represents to me; an invitation to this world with us.

A piece of eternity
A year after, why am I writing about it? Some people named places and days to remember people or events that made a difference for them, that touched them. But beyond remembering, it makes no doubt that the richness of what we lived is still present today and that I at least wanted to share about it with you. Some said that peace and acceptance were filling their hearts. Some made the trip even though they knew it was impossible for them to get in the venue, simply wanting to be with everyone. Others felt the urge to say that they found through this trip a standpoint for their life. My dear brothers and sisters, this is you. This is what you allowed me to witness and be a part of.

This concert was the first time we’d play the whole band together the new version of ”A View From Within” and ”Empire of Sorrows” that were freshly crafted out of ”Tokyo Sessions’’, which would be released two months later. On our way to the venue and even once arrived at the venue, I remember facing this complete blackout for the last section of ”Empire of Sorrows” and I was scorching my mind to get it back before hopping on stage. We took a moment the band together before the concert and it all came back. This moment was too important, those songs were meant to be played there. There’s a whole lot of emotions that crossed my mind while playing, but suddenly, I just declined anything that wasn’t the moment, I focused on how awesome it was to see you all there. I remember The Pianos’ manager saying ”What?! There’s a complete bus from Canada coming to the show tonight?!” It was bigger than nature… It was about giving a chance to an idea, to the will of sharing something that no one would ever be able to take away from any of us. Thank you, my dear brothers and sisters, we have to keep encouraging each other since life resides in being, in embracing the now.

– Moose

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