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SFCC Contest

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Have you seen our latest videoclip for the song “Underneath a Blooming Skylight”? Have you recognized Miss Isabel in it? Become a SFCC member and have the chance to win one of those pictures, signed by her!

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Coming soon on the SFCC: “Gear Up” Episode 2

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The “Gear Up” is a new series by Sef, in which he explores, reviews, and demonstrates what he uses in studio. The second episode, featuring Orange Amps, has been filmed and will soon be released in exclusive premiere on the band’s fan club, the SFCC.

The series is a monthly one, and brings you in Sef’s universe with a unique approach! Become a fan club member now to watch the first episode of the series and know as soon as the second one is available!

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Sounds & Noises: Exclusive to the SFCC

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Exclusive to the SFCC fan club members, the Sounds & Noises video series bring you behind the scenes of album recordings with Your Favorite Enemies. The struggles, the successes… all as real as they get!

With the band members now in studio for new musical projects, get ready to see this section updated very often!

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SFCC Gala – The Rerun

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In their annual SFCC fan club gala, the members of Your Favorite Enemies bring you into the universe of their fan club community. From Jeff’s weekly talk show, all the way to Sef’s new section, called SEFCC, no aspect of the fan club has been left out.

The band members also take the time to explain what the theme for the year, “Hope in Dark Days”, mean to them.

Get a chance to win this unique guitar!

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“That’s a guitar that my dear friend and brother Kosho painted. It represents the ocean. It represents the band in so many ways. First, the ocean is what unites us all like every shore of every continent is united by it and also all of its freedom, its passion, its wilderness and how filled with life it can be.” – Jeff

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SFCC fan club open house: Now over!

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We hope that you have enjoyed this peek into the SFCC fan club universe. From “Both Sides of the Gun” with Jeff to “Gear Up” with Sef, the “Way Back Wednesday” blogs written by Moose and Ben, and all the other exclusive content found on the community, there was a lot for you to discover!

Make your experience a year-long one, and become a SFCC member right away! All the perks the community has to offer, plus pretty cool membership items!

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Open House on the SFCC fan club

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For the whole weekend, and until April 10, 12pm (ET), we give you open door access to the SFCC community website, for you all to explore all that is happening on there… The talk show, the exclusive interviews, the blogs, the pictures, the new “Gear Up” show, as well as “The Eye View” magazine; you’ll have access to it all!

All weekend long, we will also have special live broadcasts, that will be streamed live simultaneously on the SFCC community website and on Facebook.

April 9, 10am (ET) : Accompany the band through their signing session
April 9, 4pm (ET) : Get behind the scenes of Jeff’s talk-show, “Both Sides of the Gun”
April 9, 8pm (ET) : Assist to sound checks and visit the band’s studio
April 10, 10am (ET) : Chat live with the band members

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