Happy Valentine’s Day!

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And for you, #LoveIsTo __________ ?

On the SFCC fan club, we just had a very inspiring discussion with the members of the club regarding love, in which we shared what love is to us. Here are some excerpts of our discussion:

Alex: Love is to revive something we might have lost or left behind in the bleakness of the night […] You welcome love and therefore you’re born again.

Ben: One of the greatest gifts and challenges of love is to show who you truly are […] To be real is a true testimony of trust and love.

Miss Isabel: Love Is To… Invite others as they are.

Jeff: Love is to shine […] To me, love is something simple but honest.

By simply being who I truly am, I invite others around me to do the same, which creates something far from perfection, but that is deeply rooted in love and honesty.

Sef: Fear keeps us in our own little world, but love through honesty creates bridges between each other.

Moose: Love is to be this flow that invites, that provides strength, that opens the way for those who are in my life.