Celebrate with Sef!

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Every year on March 11, for his birthday, Sef celebrates by offering us a very unique gift. This year will be no exception. Live on Facebook, on Saturday March 11, at 5:30pm (ET), the secret will finally be revealed. What Star Wars character will be featured this year? R2-DSef? Sef-bacca? Sef-3PO?

An up-close and personal Q&A session will also take place on the day, allowing us a private eye into his universe. How he started playing music, his favorite artists, the places where he finds inspiration, his favorite cities, the questions are open, and they’re all yours! Already have questions for Sef? Ask them now on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with #askYFE.

Don’t miss the special event!
Saturday March 11, at 5:30pm (ET), live on Facebook!

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