Back to the Basics

Written by Your Favorite Enemies. Posted in Chaos & Communion

Your Favorite Enemies is a band of 6, each having a role that is definite and essential to the sound of the band. Countless times, I have heard how the spirit of the song was more important than the sound of it in itself. However, to convey the same feelings and the same emotions, sounds are essential. You cannot dissociate sound and emotions… So when it comes to emotions through sounds, you cannot allow yourself to be limited. The playing affects the sounds, thus the emotions. The emotions lived by the player affects the sounds… It’s an endless circle, but a circle in which Your Favorite Enemies takes pleasure, seeking beyond what they’ve always been told were the limits. 

In this episode of Chaos&Communion, Ben shares with us about playing bass, and about some of the equipment he uses. 

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