- The Early Days -

To mark the 15th anniversary of their very first rehearsal as what would become the original – and still unchanged – lineup of Your Favorite Enemies in the fall of 2005, the band decided to look back at what eventually brought them all over the world by remixing and remastering their first 2 EPs and adding newly discovered demos, writing sessions, and alternative versions of what has become YFE-fan-favorites.

The Stories Behind the Songs

Open Your Eyes (Elliott Says) [Demo Sessions, Instrumental]

It’s really interesting how a particular song can become the staple of a journey, and “Open Your Eyes” is one of them, not only for those who welcomed the band as one of their favorites over time, but for the band itself, which is not always – if rarely – the case when other artists talk about whatever fan-favorite-songs followed them around.

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Hold Me Tight [Live From Magnet Club, Berlin, Germany, September 29, 2007]

As with every other city we stopped in on that first-ever YFE tour, everything was as inspiringly new to us as it was frighteningly scary. Berlin was gloomy when our tour bus parked on the side of the Magnet Club, where we were playing later that night to a sold-out place… It was still early enough for me to go for a walk, which is now something utterly important before communing on the stage of any city. The images from that day are as foggy as the weather was, but the emotions are still vivid. The excitement, as much as the lack of understanding…

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Photo highlight

Open Your Eyes - Studio Session, 2007

video highlight

Evolving in Reversal Frames (Anthology 2006-2009)

The Early Days Collection

The Early Days

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The Early Days

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