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Considered as the "moment" that led to the band's rebirth, Your Favorite Enemies' members share about the emergency of living and the freedom that arises through the embodiment of letting go... "Where Did We Lose Each Other"...

The awakening, the inspiration, the rebirth in their own words.

The Greatest Disaster Of All

Written by Your Favorite Enemies. Posted in Where Did We Lose Each Other

Your Favorite Enemies often refer to “Where Did We Lose Each Other” as the beginning of something new… Where they realized that there was more to life than perfection… And that painting to the numbers, even if the end result was a beautiful one, was not what life is all about… And that there were colors to be defined… Perfection is the greatest disaster of all… And in the midst of everything that was going on… They decided they would create their own disaster… One that would be their own… their own chaos!

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  • Elizabeth


    When i saw Steph’s intro to this on facebook, i knew i would be drinking in every word you spoke here with such joy! As you say, when we are free to be “imperfect” – well, actually, free to acknowledge our imperfection – to try and try again without fear of failure in every area of our lives- to fly knowing that even if we “fall”, it is not the end – there is Something that can draw beauty from even our darkest moments when we allow those moments and ourselves to be redeemed, forgiven, renewed… I am learning more and more that we don’t really want or need simple answers to the mysteries of life – we just need to embrace Life and open our eyes to see – the most wondrous surprises await us when we fully accept the possibility of the impossible…love you so much and believe in you and the Vision you called to live!! mom e


  • Stefan


    I really like the picture of Perfection, it is so right. Nobody can reach Perfection, cause we fail so often.
    But i am i – with all my fears, failures and hopes, gifts on the other side.
    At least i have to say “yes” to my failures, than i can life. But if i always try to fight them i will get crushed down, cause i will find everytime new things then.
    So Perfection : Go away, you will be never part of my live.


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