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Considered as the "moment" that led to the band's rebirth, Your Favorite Enemies' members share about the emergency of living and the freedom that arises through the embodiment of letting go... "Where Did We Lose Each Other"...

The awakening, the inspiration, the rebirth in their own words.

A Moment Defined Every Day

Written by Your Favorite Enemies. Posted in Where Did We Lose Each Other

There is more to music than only notes and lyrics… This is what Your Favorite Enemies believe, and the reason why they put all of their soul and heart into the songs that they are crafting…

In a period where the band was falling apart, where nothing seemed to be alright anymore, where the members were away from each other, learn a little more about the context in which the recording, the creation and the composition of the song “Where Did We Lose Each Other”. In this interview, the band members share about the recording, the creation, the composition of this song.

A song, a moment that did much more than keeping the family together for the kids… Something that changed everything in a split second… Something they refer to as “the” moment.

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  • Elizabeth


    Hi dearest ones!

    I love the imagery of a cornerstone, “something real enough to keep building on” – a moment that “paved the way” for what was to come – the China/Japan tour experience for one, which could never have happened without the regeneration of the connection between the band members, the re-creation of the collective heart that allowed you to send an unmistakable, irresistible message of hope and light to all those you touched there (and all of us who traveled with you and still are through the DVD recordings – and others who will..). I don’t know what is ahead for you, but as you know, the essence of your music and everything you put forward is simply the essence of your hearts – joined together (with each other and with those who love you and with Spirit)- and this song and everything surrounding its birth make a wonderfully promise-filled new beginning!

    love you and believe in you always! praying! mom e


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