Last show of our European Tour…

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We had the last show of our European tour last night, in Paris. It was a little bit of a surprise show, as it’s been kept secret until a few days before the show itself… When our UK promo tour was made official, we knew we needed to go to France as well. And once didn’t seem to be enough for the band members, so when we had the opportunity to do another show in Paris, it didn’t take long before we said yes!

It was really emotional for us all to play again in Paris on this tour… We shared so many emotions with everyone during the first show, developed new relationships that we could only look forward to what was to happen… And it was the last show of a tour that went by way too quick!

We were all physically tired, though we were all in high spirits, and the band members all started getting sick – you should hear Alex’s voice today, it’s almost gone!!! But we were so excited about this show that tiredness and sickness didn’t really matter to anyone.

And it’s been an incredible show. It was true, it was real, and it was really emotional. Many had seen the first concert we did a few days before, many were seeing us perform for the very first time. And I think that what we all felt, from the band members on stage to the crowd on the floor, is indescribable. It’s truly been beyond words… And those moments shared with you all after the show all became truly precious memories for us all… On our way back to London, and today again when we all gathered together, it was you we were talking about. Not of the show itself. But you. And how much you all impacted and empowered us last night.

And we all promised ourselves one thing – it won’t take long before we are back.

– Stephanie

Day off in Paris!

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We had our first day off of the tour today… I mean, a real one, without any rehearsal of any sort this time!

And as we were in Paris and that most of us had never seen the city before, we all decided it was time for us to play tourists a bit! It may seem weird because we travel all around the world on tour, but we usually don’t have time to visit much! I can only tell you that we were all excited and looking forward to it!

We started our trip with Le Cimetière Père-Lachaise. We did a much obliged stop at Jim Morrison’s grave, but also walked around to see Balzac’s and Molière’s – two writers Alex loves very much. And we got kicked out. It was late, closing time was coming by, and the security guard wasn’t exactly too keen about having visitors in the cemetery at that time. One “parisian” discussion later, we walked away… lol!

We then headed to Montmartre, where we walked around the very tiny streets lined with shops and bistrots. Wonderful sights, a truly wonderful place!!! Then we followed by the Quartier Latin. We had a few stops in mind, but did very little of them. First one was the bookstore Shakespeare and Company. A wonderful place, really. You do feel like you are brought back somewhere else in time and place. It doesn’t feel like Paris. It doesn’t feel like today. It’s suddenly only you and the words. The place used to be very popular amongst the Beat Poets, who Alex really loves. We then went on to see the restaurant Polidor, and walked a little around the neighborhood before going back to our hotel… 🙂

A wonderful day… Filled with simple moments and laughter… A perfect day, for whatever it means 🙂

– Stephanie

Berlin Magnet Club… We’re back!!!

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Today was our show at the Magnet Club… When planning their UK Promo tour, it was essential for the band members to go back to two other places, turning the UK promo tour into a European promo tour! Paris and Berlin were those 2 places. We just couldn’t go back to Europe without going back to those 2 cities…

We had our heads full of memories of what happened 6 years ago in Berlin, of the moments we shared with the people. But we knew, however, that tonight was a moment of its own, that was to be crafted with the people that would be there tonight. And it’s exactly what happened.

From the stage to the floor, what happened was truly incredible. People singing… people dancing… people headbanging… We all lived the music in a different way, but we were all together. No matter how different we were from one another, there was an undeniable communion going on… that ended in the crowd once more! I guess they just can’t help it – the band members got to be as close to you as they can… lol!!! Tonight was simply that; communion. And it’s been wonderful!

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves… 🙂

– Stephanie

New Free Concert in Paris!

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Your Favorite Enemies’ came back to Paris after almost 6 years… Not only did they give a mind-blowing performance, but they also have a very special surprise for all of you!!!! They will be back in Paris on May 29th, at 8:00pm for another show!!!!! The venue is called “Le Sentier des Halles”… Even better? The show is FREE!!!!! You’re not dreaming… It’s really happening!!! Will you be there??? Let us know!!!


Special News about Berlin’s Concert!

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Special News concerning Your Favorite Enemies’ concert at the Magnet Club in Berlin on May 26th!!!! The concert will be FREE!!!!!!! No need for tickets, just head to the Magnet Club, and enjoy yourself!!! If you’ve already bought your ticket, you can bring it back where you bought it to get a refund, or keep it as a souvenir and get it signed by the band members after the concert… It’s going to be a BLAST!!!! Be there!!!!! 🙂

May 26th, 8:00pm
Berlin Magnet Club
Falckensteinstr. 48, 10997 Berlin, Germany