NYC: A Black And White Tale with Colors of Our Own

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We hit the road at 11am. Well, in fact, we were supposed to. Have you ever met Your Favorite Enemies? If you have, you probably know that goodbyes take forever. Leaving home ain’t any different. Especially now that we have 2 puppies… You should see Alex with them both!

So, 11:30am, we finally hit the road. We drove all the way to NYC. Alex said he wanted to take in all the wonderful autumn colors. It was supposed to be 7 long hours. But Jeff was sick that day, which never happens. Worried a little bit, we stopped often to make sure he was alright. The road was long… But indeed beautiful, and very poetic, thanks to Alex reading “The Outsider” by Albert Camus out loud in the car.

We arrived in Brooklyn, where we usually stay when we are in NYC. A humble place, but large enough to welcome us all!

Next morning was already show day. No soundcheck, late show, we headed to the city to pick up our badges before going back to the apartment. This being NYC, that “short trip” took 5 hours, that we at least have enjoyed greatly!

Got back to the apartment, packed the gear in the trailer, and headed to the venue. The stage? No stage! The band played right on the floor. The green room? No green room! It’s a “welcome all” type of venue! The lights? No light! A single red light bulb lit the place. Typically NYC, typically LES! Perfect way to really feel “in the crowd”! 🙂

The show ended with “Killing Another”, a cover from The Cure. Did you know that this song had been inspired by the novel “The Outsider”? Your Favorite Enemies’ interpretation of the song has been inspired by Alex’s own perception and understanding of the story.

Oh, and yes, this time again, there’s been body surfing, and some ceiling walking. No kick in the face, though!

The show in itself, and the few days we have spent in NYC were not to the image of the city… Its bright lights, feverishness, ephemeral excitement gave way to a calm, quiet and assured confidence. Somehow, in a way that was completely new to us, the city vibes didn’t affect us like it used to. Amazed nonetheless at the megapolis, it felt more like who we are was rubbing off on the city. The city didn’t define us nor did it influence what we were living in any way. We didn’t need the city. We were self-sufficient, self-confident, self-defined. We didn’t need the city, nor anybody else, to tell us who we were. We knew, and it was more than enough. And it was all that mattered.

We took the road and headed back home, a little tired, but truly happy. All of this to wake up with the first snow of the year in Drummondville…

– Stephanie

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  • Marjo


    Loving the black and white pictures, especially the way you brought them to life through the colorful and hopeful words you shared in your blog. Another inspiring journey for YFE and us all! 😉


  • Chris


    Awesome blog! Love the insights and the amazing pics 😉 Thank you for bringing us aboard with you guys!


  • Daly Rambelje


    It is nice to read and see that you all had fun in NYC!!!

    Lotts of love Daly


    • Howard


      Thanks for the awesome story and great photos, Stephanie!


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