Electricity was in the air

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I was excited (and yes, nervous!) for the Pianos show, as it was an important showcase for the band, and it had been a while since I performed with Your Favorite Enemies. My excitement only grew bigger when I heard that so many people got on a big bus to cross the American borders to come to the show! Some of them got a passport for the first time only to be able to join, some other had to beg their boss to take a day off (or to lie… depends! lol!) and most of them, if not everyone, embarked on that bus with total strangers for a journey that was sure to be unique and unexpected. 

I remember waiting for the venue to open, in the van with the gear. I was watching the buzzing life of the New York streets, and I thought “Maybe we are creating history?”. Just like Patti Smith or Kim Gordon walked this street at some point, sipping on a coffee or wandering the Madison Park (my favorite NYC park) for inspiration, maybe this show meant a lot more than what I could see or understand. I think New York stimulates dreams because so many people who were considered in their time as rejects were afterward known as pioneers, trendsetters and artistic world changers.

And then I had a doubt… “Who am I to think we can make history?” I am so full of contradictions, sometimes… One minute I believe we can change the world, the next minute I feel scared to live my life. Juggling with my courage and doubts, I still took this picture whispering through my lack of faith “One day this picture will be a testimony of what happened here.” 

That night, I have been touched by all the openness, and inspiring moments we lived during the show and afterward, when most of the crowd attending the concert walked with us on Times Square, sharing a glass of wine and words of passion and community.

It was a year ago, and I can say “Yes, we made history” because that day marked all of us. We all witnessed the buzzing life of New York, but what we remember even more vividly is how our hearts got enlivened by what we offered each other that day and what we still carry with us that creates a desire for more. More music, more passion, more heart bond, more life.

– Miss Isabel

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