A Sky Chart For You and I

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There was so much excitement surrounding this special concert at the Pianos in New York City! Just think about it: there was a bus full of 50 people, fans and friends of the band from all over the world, coming all the way to NYC from Quebec to attend this concert! Not only that, but for some of them, it was the first time they were going to NYC, the first time they were leaving their country! It was really exciting!

I come from a place where we didn’t talk about doing crazy stuff like this, let alone think about it… Sharing about dreams, taking risks, getting out of the comfort zone… There was nothing like this. When I started getting to know Alex and became friends with him, it was something really special and unknown to me to hear about dreams, making everything possible, giving life to what you envision, not being afraid of what people may think about you or what you do, being so passionate that people around you will desire to be a part of your journey! The word “impossible” was not part of his vocabulary! I remember, a long time ago, when Alex shared with me the idea of playing music for a concert. I thought it was about me playing acoustic guitar and Alex singing… But no! He was freakin’ excited telling me we needed to find a drummer, a bass player, that he knew someone who could do backing vocals… Dude…! A full band!!! This specific moment reflects exactly what I was living and the way I envisioned my life. “Don’t think too big, think twice before you act.” When I think about the concert at the Pianos, it reminds me of all this. It could have been only the band going to NYC for a concert. But no! Why not bring our people in this crazy trip?! Let’s have them spend the day in NYC, attend the concert, and let’s share a toast on Times Square afterwards!

So there I was, in New York City, with my best pals, to play music and share it with amazing people who have decided to give us an access to their life. You know, sometimes, it’s important to stop and think about what surrounds you… When I’m in the midst of something, I tend to forget what’s around me and most of all, how much of a blessed man I am. When we were all on Times Square, after the concert, simply watching all the people walking and running everywhere, all the smiles we could see, the laughter we could hear… It was such a precious moment! The light shining in people’s eyes was much brighter than all the thousand lights of Times Square! I believe it was the same kind of light that was shining in Alex’s eyes when he talked to me about having a band so many years ago! At this moment, I felt like I was walking in a new environment, embraced by something I had never experienced before… I just told myself: “Yes, it’s possible”! For me, the trip to NYC was about that… there’s nothing too crazy to live!

We decided to immortalize this moment all together on Times Square with a toast! We had chosen a special wine for the occasion; “Celeste”. On the bottle, there’s the drawing of a sky with many shining stars. You know, when you look up to the sky, you cannot see the limits of it. It’s not measurable. It’s beyond yourself and the understanding you have of it. I believe it’s the same thing for the dream we share and live all together… And this moment in NYC was the expression of it!

– Sef

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