A dying season; a new rebirth

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5:00am Sunday morning. The dogs were outside, barking so loud at nobody really knows what that they woke up the entire household. Too early, too late? It was a little hard to say, and we couldn’t really comprehend if the sun was rising or setting; blame it on the jet lag we still suffer from, only a few days after coming back from Japan. Needless to say, waking up wasn’t our first idea, and going back to sleep hasn’t been easy. A soft snow was already falling at that time, covering everything in a frosty, sparkly white blanket. A season was dying as another one was replacing it. Did we have to be happy about it? Should we have been sad about it? This, too, was a little unclear.

We arrived at the venue much later than expected… This long drive gave me the time I needed to read all the comments and the expectations people had about the night. Yes, this would be Your Favorite Enemies’ last concert in 2015… and yes, it would be mind-blowing, nothing less. The closer to the venue we got, the more convinced I was. Tonight would be a memorable one.

Soundcheck went well, very well. Everything went on smoothly, so smoothly that we could just look forward to the concert. The guys from Buckcherry were nice and welcoming, the promoters were incredible as always, the sound was great for everyone, and it allowed everybody to be relaxed backstage before the show… something that doesn’t get to happen very often!

And then the show happened, upon us and over sooner than we would have expected! Words are lacking to express exactly what has happened. It went by in a flash, with an energy I didn’t think the guys could have at this very moment. Somehow, it’s as if everything I thought I knew Your Favorite Enemies were about was different. And I think many others could tell the same thing. I don’t count the number of times I’ve heard praises about the performance. Not only because they were technically playing their parts well. But because what was going on stage was powerful in a way the band has rarely showed us. A new season, the end of another? Maybe. But I think I can say in full knowledge that a page has been turned…

We came back home late, and as these words were being written, everybody else still was around the table, eating the traditional Sunday night grilled cheese and chips, sharing stories of the moments we have lived with you! Now, everybody is fast asleep… Good night to you as well!

– Stephanie

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  • Roger Cesare


    This was so great to live this moment with you all we are Blessed


  • Guylene


    Merci merci ! Stephanie
    Toujours agréable de te lire
    Bisou xxx à là gang


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