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Miss Isabel invites us to take action, all together, by sending words of hope, love, support, to 100% Mamans Tanger, a Tangerine association that supports women who have been rejected by their families and society alike for being single mothers.

“I am with you”
These simple words mean so much when everyone around is trying to forget you exist.

Here in Tangier, a single mother doesn’t exist. She is forgotten, she lives on the street, her child has no identity so cannot go to school, doesn’t have access to medical care… 100% Mamans is a Tangerine association that decided to step out and support those women, to offer and ensure material & social needs, but also human and relational needs.

If, like I do, you consider that a woman who has a child out of marriage is still entitled to live, to be respected as a human being and that her child can envision a normal future, you can make a difference by taking a simple action: Send us a picture or a word that you’d like for me to share with the single mothers and their children here in Tangier. Your impact will be great, not only for the women and their children, but also for the people working fiercely to help them, providing education, shelter, legal advice. Let them know “I am with you. You are not alone.”

Send your letters by mail:
Association 100% Mamans
Hay Ennasr,
Rue 13, N°53 Tanger

Or send us an email: write@rocknrights.com