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A new theme

Written by Your Favorite Enemies. Posted in News

We are about to unveil the new theme of our SFCC fan club, here is how it starts: “As Love…”, can you guess the 2 missing words?

We’re back home!

Written by Your Favorite Enemies. Posted in News

After all those months spent in Tangier, we’ve been transformed along the way, and are now closer than ever. We’ll surely miss people there, our dear Tangerine family. But we will surely be back soon!

From Tangier with Love

Written by Your Favorite Enemies. Posted in News

Here I am, sitting at the very end of this dinner table, which has been my desk for the past six months when I was in Tangier. But today is the strangest of all mornings, since it’s our last day here… Well, the last day of this actual trip. I’m looking around me, seeing all those empty glasses on the table in front of me, the acoustic guitars on the couches, and a few half-burned logs in the fire, all remnants of last night, the last party organized by our now very dear Tanjawi family! It’s 10am here in Tangier, a city where in fact, time doesn’t really exist.

I was looking at people’s faces last night, all of them filled with joy to see us, mixed with some sadness knowing we’re leaving. I shared those mixed feelings during a night I never wanted to see end. Last night was a true representation of what we’ve been discovering, living, enjoying the past few months. People from all around the world, with completely different backgrounds and stories, talking together about Tangier, life, dreams, making it look as if we knew each other all along. This, to me, always has been something that struck me more than anything else. This, to me, is what Tangier has been all about; a community of people shining by its differences and paradoxes.

Alex and I had a discussion about coming back home a few days back, on the studio’s rooftop terrace, looking at the coast of Spain. The end of the discussion was very inspiring as we both agreed that we’re not simply going back home, but that the journey continues! It’s just another chapter of it! What we lived here, what we discovered, what we touched won’t fade away as we’re coming back to a world we know by heart, to a place filled with memories we’d sometimes like to move away from, but the journey continues. As I mentioned in my last post like this one, we’ve never been as close to one another as we are now in this band, and we’re obviously a little scared to see this fade away as we’re going back… But as we confessed around a toast last night, this is who we are now, no matter what happens! What we built can’t be destroyed unless we allow it to be…

I’m leaving Tangier tonight the heart filled with magic and wonders since we accomplished way more than I expected – or had faith in – musically, but above all, between each other! I will forever be thankful to everyone here in Tangier, who welcomed us as we are, and who we now call family! I really can’t wait to share more of this journey with you all, musically and through different projects that you’ll all be part of very soon! Thanks for making this journey something way beyond ourselves, something eternal that shines to every corner of this earth! From Tangier with love… see you all very soon! 🙂

– Jeff

First baseball game at home

Written by Your Favorite Enemies. Posted in News

Today is a big day for the baseball fans that we are! This is our first game at home, the AT&T Park in San Francisco! Our Giants are playing against Seattle for 2 games! Did you know that we have a baseball collection? Based on our passion for baseball and its team spirit, we decided to create the collection “No Game, Only Life – We Are YFE” to celebrate the vibrant nature of the community values we vividly share with people and to honor the inspiring communion we experience through such a singular family. It’s a fellowship of life and wonders.

Treat yourself as the season 2018 is just starting!

Shop on the YFE Store

A weekend in Essaouira

Written by Your Favorite Enemies. Posted in News

What a weekend we had in Essaouira, at the Rallye Aïcha Des Gazelles du Maroc. Witnessing women of different nationalities living the adventure and overcoming any limit was very inspiring! Keep on following our journey on Instagram as we’re sharing private stories and meaningful moments.

We’re now back in studio in Tangier, only for a few days before we take the plane back to the YFE HQ…!

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24 hours left!

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24 hours left to win Jeff’s hand-painted guitar!!! Don’t let the thought of “I never win any contests” get to you, and give it a try! Worst case scenario? You’ll enjoy the exclusive SFCC fan club with the band members, TV shows, blogs, exclusive pictures on a community where you can be 100% you. So what’s left to lose? Put your name in the draw by joining the fan club before 11:59pm (ET) tonight (March 31)!

Become a SFCC member & join the contest

On the road to Essaouira

Written by Your Favorite Enemies. Posted in News

Hitting the road to Essaouira, Morocco, where we’ve been invited to the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc! What a great project we’re honored to be part of. An international and human adventure that gathers women from 33 different nationalities.

Follow us on Instagram as we might share the rallye from the inside, well, our perspective of it at least 😉

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