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Happy birthday Sef!

Written by Your Favorite Enemies. Posted in News

Happy birthday Sef! As most of you know, Sef releases a new t-shirt in his Star Wars collection to celebrate his big day every year! This year, he wanted to build a little bit of momentum, and hints will be given until the release (which should happen sooner than we think, according to him!). He has a very special rendezvous for you on March 18, 10am (ET) as he’ll chat live with you on Your Favorite Enemies’ Facebook page! He’s giving more details in this video, directly from Tangier 😉

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International Women’s Day 2018

Written by Your Favorite Enemies. Posted in News

Here in Tangier, Morocco, I met an incredible artist who is literally changing lives around her. The very first time she told me about her involvement with 100% Mamans, an organization defending castaway single mothers and their children, I felt compelled to be a part of it too… I asked Itaf to tell her vision about getting involved for human rights, for the rights of women here in Morocco, of how a simple action can make a whole world of difference. On this International Women’s Day, here are her words, powerful and so inspiring, an example of how we can all #PressForProgress.

– Miss Isabel


To Isabel

“How do you change what surrounds you?” did you ask me. You propelled me in a roundtrip inside and out, the others, myself… and the answer I found seemed vain.

And so I asked myself the question in a different way. What motivates me when I undertake something, anything, that involves others? To share a vision of a world that invites us to interact freely with our illusions, our joys, our fulfilling yet elusive utopias. For a moment, brief or eternal, dweller of our imagination. The world of creativity…

One day, we discover it in us, inside a memory where so many universes overlap one another, where dreams and reality are one. The circus and the kid in me… one of my most beautiful emotions… Shivers, joys, illusions, and dreams… In this ludic and enchanting microcosm… dream of a faraway place where everything has to be invented without any rules. The desire to share all those illusions is what built a part of my games and my fictions, in which I love losing myself the time of a joyous spasm. Then comes a movie, music, an image, a special someone… So many worlds to explore. To share these feelings and to invite others to wake theirs motivates my involvement.

Then comes a smile, faith in the power we have to offer ourselves a moment of intensity outside the sphere of what we know, the discovery of this unknown part of us where we can flee to give a reason to everything else.

– Itaf

Sef’s new quest

Written by Your Favorite Enemies. Posted in News

Some quests are more intense than others… Sef kept searching for a treasure, something that would allow him to no longer have any restrictions. Over the hills and through the desert, he finally found the Twister Cable by Orange Amps!

Musician or not, you’ll enjoy this new video! When Sef is part of something, let’s say it’s always really… unique! 😉 Thanks to Orange Amplifiers, our faithful companion in this adventure of ours!

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Written by Your Favorite Enemies. Posted in News

You know how much we love that! We just took the collective decision to extend the SFCC fan club special contest to win Jeff’s hand-painted guitar, and you now have 1 more month to participate!

As you know, we’re presently in Tangier, Morocco, working on our next musical projects and we wanted to live the announcement of the winner with you as this is not possible from Tangier because of the unstable connection, so we decided to wait until we were back home in early April! Who knows… maybe we’re already thinking about a SFCC gala in April…?!

You have to become a SFCC fan club member before April 1 to be eligible to win the guitar! Don’t miss your chance this time!

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Written by Your Favorite Enemies. Posted in News

Get a chance to win Jeff’s hand-painted guitar! How?

Choose the SFCC fan club membership you want, New School or Old School, right here: www.secretfamilycultclub.com before this Saturday, March 31, 11:59pm (Eastern Time). If you’re a member of the SFCC, you’re already eligible to the contest but why not invite your friends to try it as well?! Never know…!

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Baseball is back!

Written by Your Favorite Enemies. Posted in News

No matter where we are in the world and what we’re doing, nothing will take us away from BASEBALL!!! Today is the first pre-season game opposing our beloved San Francisco Giants to the Los Angeles Dodgers… and the first challenge of many to come in the season!

Get a chance to win this unique guitar!

Written by Your Favorite Enemies. Posted in News

Subscribe to the SFCC fan club and get a chance to win Jeff’s guitar, a hand-painted piece of art! Watch this video to know what Jeff has to say about it!

Not a member yet? By joining the SFCC fan club, not only might you win the guitar, but you also gain access to the community and all its content for 1 year; TV shows, exclusive pictures & videos, a forum, and all the band’s music as well…! Join now!

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“Hope in Dark Days” notebook

Written by Your Favorite Enemies. Posted in News

Sef is an artist, for all that it means. When it’s time to express himself in a notebook, he has his own way of doing it…! Here is his spaceship, directly from Tangier, Morocco. Yes, every life is a story to tell 😉 What’s yours?

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