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Storybook “A Story About Between Illness and Migration” Sold Out!

Written by Your Favorite Enemies. Posted in News

This was our very first storybook. At first, the project was supposed to be only 6 pages, and be the accompaniment to the deluxe collector boxset “A Journey Beyond Ourselves”. But the project evolved into something we wouldn’t have imagined from the start. But along the way, it became an entity of its own, filled with life, bittersweet memories, gut-wrenching events, quiet whispers, ecstatic laughter… The open ending to the chapter that has been “Between Illness and Migration” for Your Favorite Enemies.

Deluxe Collector Boxset Sold Out 

Written by Your Favorite Enemies. Posted in News

We want to thank you for the way you have embraced the newly released project “A Journey Beyond Ourselves”. This project has been a very emotional one, liberating in many ways, and now allows us to turn the page to a new chapter of our common story.

The deluxe collector boxset may be sold out, but the book “A Story About Between Illness and Migration” as well as the “Tokyo Sessions” Double LP vinyl are still available. Quantities are very limited, so you’ll want to hurry up to grab yours!

Get yours now!

The Bla Bla Bla is coming back!

Written by Your Favorite Enemies. Posted in News

A brand new formula is waiting the beloved show “Bla Bla Bla: The Live Show”, as it will be broadcasted live on Facebook for the very first time.

What changes: It’s now on Facebook

What stays the same: The good times, the laughter, the news, the announcements, and lots of rumors!

See you next Sunday September 17 at 9am (ET) for the English edition and at 12pm (ET) for the French one!

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Full Band Interview

Written by Your Favorite Enemies. Posted in News

For the first time in over a year, the 6 band members were reunited together for an interview held over Facebook Live. This emotional get-together saw them talk about their newest project, “A Journey Beyond Ourselves” and what the last year has been like for them.

Honest, real. A must-watch!

Watch the rerun

Free Shipping on “A Journey Beyond Ourselves”

Written by Your Favorite Enemies. Posted in News

Since it’s been unveiled to you, but for a limited time only, several items from the collection “A Journey Beyond Ourselves” come with free shipping. This offer will however end pretty soon, so you’d rather enjoy it right away. Items are also limited-quantity and are going away quite fast… another reason to hurry up before it’s too late!

Enjoy free shipping

About the Writing Process of the Band’s First Storybook

Written by Your Favorite Enemies. Posted in News

Alex tells more about the storybook “A Story About Between Illness and Migration” and all it contains, from the writing process to the final decisions and what he discovered about the journey and himself through it all.

The interview took place during a Facebook Live. For more news and information about the band’s upcoming Facebook Live moments, make sure to like the page on Facebook.

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Congrats to all the winners of our contest

Written by Your Favorite Enemies. Posted in News

After 7 weeks, our contest offering you the chance to win an exclusive Polaroid from the band has come to an end. Congrats to all of you who have won. And if you haven’t, you’ll be in for quite a treat anyway when the boxset “A Journey Beyond Ourselves” will reach your doorstep! Thank you for embracing the project the way you have.

See if you are the winner

“A Story About Between Illness and Migration” Storybook

Written by Your Favorite Enemies. Posted in News

“A Story About Between Illness and Migration” is a 200+ pages assembled from Alex H. Foster’s personal notes, poetry, journal entries, recording notes and other annotations. It features an exclusive song-by-song interview with Alex, Ben and Sef and includes new and never released before pictures from the studios, behind the scenes from the videoclip productions, it also includes the perspective on the journey of every band member, as well as a short essay by Jeff Beaulieu.

Through images and texts, the book will bring you deep down the intimacy of the album in its most glorious moments and its most challenging hardships. The book invites you to take part in all the different moments that the album is made of, from the HQ, all the way to Australia, going all over Europe, Asia and North America.

A bittersweet, sometimes gut-wrenching, sometimes peaceful life voyage filled with passion and let go, “A Journey Beyond Ourselves” is a look back at these past 5 years that have shaped Your Favorite Enemies as individuals and as a band.

Get the storybook