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New blog by Miss Isabel

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Through her words, Miss Isabel brings us back to 1 year ago, when Your Favorite Enemies performed the iconic Pianos in NYC. She will make you go through the streets of a city bustling with creativity, art, and life… where so many have walked before.

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Watch the rerun of Sef’s birthday celebration

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In order to celebrate his very own birthday, Sef decided to go live on Facebook. He wanted to share the moment with you all, as well as reveal a very unique surprise!

He also held a live Q&A session, which saw a lot of unexpected guest appearances! Missed it? The rerun is still available for you to watch on Facebook! Don’t miss it!

New: “Prin-Sef Leia” t-shirt

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Part of his traditional birthday celebration, Sef has released a new t-shirt this year again. Going along the Star Wars theme once again, he pays hommage to the late Carrie Fisher and her character of Princess Leia. An invitation to shine and to follow in her steps, like so many did.

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Happy Birthday Sef!

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It would be hard to describe Sef in only a few words, but some words that come to mind is “a freak with a universe of his own”. The several aspects of this universe can be heard in the music he plays, in the passion he has to overcome the limits of the impossible, in the dedication he has to make a difference around him.

Today, another aspect will be revealed in a Facebook Live session as Sef will uncover a surprise he has for us all. It might be his birthday, but the king is always generous towards the souls of his rock’n’roll followers! Sef will also take the time to answer your questions, so ask them now with #askYFE!

See you right here at 5:30pm (ET), March 11 (today!), for a new Facebook Live!

Wish Sef a happy birthday

Celebrate with Sef!

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Every year on March 11, for his birthday, Sef celebrates by offering us a very unique gift. This year will be no exception. Live on Facebook, on Saturday March 11, at 5:30pm (ET), the secret will finally be revealed. What Star Wars character will be featured this year? R2-DSef? Sef-bacca? Sef-3PO?

An up-close and personal Q&A session will also take place on the day, allowing us a private eye into his universe. How he started playing music, his favorite artists, the places where he finds inspiration, his favorite cities, the questions are open, and they’re all yours! Already have questions for Sef? Ask them now on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with #askYFE.

Don’t miss the special event!
Saturday March 11, at 5:30pm (ET), live on Facebook!

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International Women’s Day

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When some of the most important things feel broken,
when fundamental rights and human values are torn apart,
let’s remember that we have the power to restore everything.

Happy International Women’s Day.

New York City with you, through Jeff’s eyes

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“To me, this is what matters the most, since this is the true power of music, stronger than any Grammy Award you could win, since music, is all about gathering, no matter our differences, and to live life to the fullest!”

Read the first blog of a series celebrating our journey in New York City with you, one year ago! Discover this moment through the eyes of each band member, in the upcoming weeks. Here is Jeff’s insight on this memorable trip.

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