From Tangier with Love

Written by Your Favorite Enemies. Posted in News

I simply found it profoundly incredible to be the six of us united in Tangier, Morocco, working on our next musical project! For those of you who have been following Your Favorite Enemies since our early days on Myspace, you know how crazy of a journey it’s been, as most of the time, we were our own favorite enemies! I thought the image was powerful… After more than 10 years spent together traveling the world in every possible condition, digging to find a home, to find peace, to find words music can’t express sometimes, we’ve realized that friendship is the most amazing thing we can offer someone… And to me, this is the most inspiring part of our story!

Love isn’t just something we find or something we fall into, but a journey, a journey we qualified of “beyond ourselves” not so long ago. Being here all together, to me, is a real testimony of what honest and real love is capable of! Even if sometimes the amount of love we have is as big as a mustard seed, it can – and it will – move mountains!

The hardest part of this journey is yet to come in a way, but to be here all together makes the impossible reachable. As long as there’s love…!

– Jeff