Last day to enjoy 15% off this t-shirt

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Today’s the last day you can enjoy 15% off the t-shirt “One – Beyond the Dream”, thanks to Miss Isabel who generously offers it to you! Simply use code MISSBDAY15 at checkout! Hurry up! Offer ends on December 23rd, at 11:59pm (ET)!

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Win Alex’s microphone

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The ultimate collector item, this microphone that belonged to Alex and that accompanied him for several concerts and tours, could be yours! It will be given to one of the members of the SFCC, the band’s official fan club at the end of the SFCC year, in June 2016. So you know what to do… Join the fan club now!

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Special discount for Miss Isabel’s birthday!

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On the occasion of her birthday, Miss Isabel has decided to offer you a special discount on the t-shirt “One – Beyond the Dream”. This t-shirt has always been very close to Miss Isabel’s heart, as it embodies her beliefs in equal rights for men and women.

Use code MISSBDAY15 to get 15% off the t-shirt!
Offer is valid until December 23rd, 11:59pm (ET)

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Happy Birthday Miss Isabel!

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Being the only girl in a band of hairy and bearded dudes might not always be easy, but those blessed enough to be around you can say that you not only brilliantly succeed at fully embracing who you are, but that you keep growing as you explore the world and its bright differences, without losing sight of the person you want to be. And for this new year, we wish you to find even more nuances and tones to the spectrum of colors you already gleam of, to revisit what could have been gone for a long time and to re-appropriate what could have been taken away from you a while ago. May you shine like never before, allowing us to see a little more of the wonderful person you are!

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New addition to the YFE Store

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Brand new on the YFE Store! Beanies are now available, as per your request! 2 different design, 3 different colors, they’re the perfect addition to your wardrobe to stay warm this winter!

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Human Rights Day

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We’re all guilty of something in life. And the band members are no exception. But what if we could all be free? No judgement, but a pure and simple freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of being. This is what should prevail in our everyday life. In honor of those who do not have this freedom, we stand united.

Human Rights for all, no exception. This is a motto that the members of Your Favorite Enemies go by every day, and one for which they’ve fought for years.

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Discover the new SFCC package

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The new package for the SFCC has just been revealed! Discover the theme for the new year, the new t-shirt, the new banner flag, and all the other elements that are included in it!

If you already are a member of the club, your package will be shipped shortly, so keep an eye out for it! And if you aren’t, make sure you become one now in order to get it, along with your one-year membership on the band’s fan club community website!

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