Fan club exclusive items on the YFE Store

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5 years ago, the SFCC, Your Favorite Enemies’ official fan club started. After several requests from you, the t-shirt and tote bags that were part of this first membership package are now available again, exclusively for the SFCC members! Get the classic “Your Favorite Enemies is a Cult” items right now!

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Alex’s column in BEEAST magazine

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Alex now has his own column in the Japanese magazine BEEAST! About his column, Alex says that “it’s some sort of a personal life log, a behind the scenes type of blog, but in a more interactive setting. Don’t hesitate to contact me, to ask me questions and to comment. It’s an open invitation to share… It’s all about that human connection.”

In English and Japanese, he’ll discuss studio sessions, personal interests, music, baseball, travel and much more!

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Thank you for the SFCC live rerun!

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Once again, a moment of high emotions has been shared! Thank you for allowing us to live such moments every time. This edition of the SFCC Gala: The Rerun is one that we will remember for a very long time! For those of you who may have missed it, the rerun is now online on YouTube.

Watch the rerun

Don’t miss the SFCC gala! Today, 5:00pm (ET)!

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Today is the day of the rebroadcast of the unique SFCC gala. The rerun will be live on YouTube and will allow you to watch the band perform the song “Underneath a Stretching Skyline” live, discover more about YFE’s official fan club, the SFCC, all while you discuss with the band members on the YouTube chat. It promises to be a good time, so make sure not to miss out!

French edition at 12:00pm (ET)
English edition at 5:00pm (ET)

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SFCC Special Gala: The Rerun LIVE on YouTube!!!

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Saturday February 20th, join us live on our official YouTube channel for the re-broadcast of the popular SFCC gala!

Interviews, upcoming projects, news and premieres, changes on the fan club community, disclosure of the new elements coming with the membership packages… as well as the band’s phenomenal live performance of the song “Underneath a Stretching Skyline”! Let’s not forget Sef’s very unique performance of the song “You Belong with Me” by Taylor Swift, amongst other things!   

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Happy Birthday Jeff!

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A man of honor, a man we can trust and rely on, whose laughter has the power to brighten up even the darkest days we may have. Thank you for being a part of our lives, as a friend, a brother, an inspiration, someone we can always look up to! May this year throw back at you all the blessings you give others around you in a thousandfold (and even that wouldn’t be enough!) We love you brother!

Join us on Facebook today at 4:00pm (ET) for a special video stream to celebrate Jeff’s birthday with the other band members, directly from YFE’s studio!

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